Top 5 free sales tools available online

If your career is based in the domain of sales, then you will not need any convincing over the cut-throat nature of the business. Those that get emotionally invested in the industry tend to fail while the professionals who access the right kind of short cuts manage to get a leg up on the competition.

This is where the adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ really does present itself. Through applying your skillset to a series of software tools that are completely free to use, your enterprise can be taking steps in the right direction.

From prospectors to scheduling and managing an array of marketing materials, there is means of simplifying your day-to-day efforts with the assistance of some programs that are freely accessible.

So examine these platforms carefully and take advantage of what they have to offer.


Social media integration will be one of those buzz phrases that sales executives will mention from time to time and if you want to develop a plan that works for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then Hootsuite is the tool for you.

It allows beginners and experts alike to schedule their content, track the progress of likes and expressions, and sync it all into one hub.

Social media accounts merely act as an extension of the business to open up more modes of communication with consumers, so keeping track of those incoming messages and promotions can be less stressful and more efficient on the company clock.


Procuring a database full of emails can be a laborious exercise that takes one individual sales staff days, weeks or even months on end to craft successfully.

To issue something of a short cut to that process, FindThat.Email can deliver on searched emails for an approximate success rate of over 90% according to Ahrefs.

With over 100 million verified emails on their system, this tool can be utilised courtesy of a Google Chrome extension.


In between your commute to and from work, grabbing lunch, prospecting and attending 6 various meetings with department heads, it can be easy to overlook the need to research a client when an encounter approaches.

Should you require an on-the-spot summary of a prospect’s profile without having the time to undertake that research yourself, then CharlieApp can fill the breach.

By tapping into Google Calendar, this tool extracts important data about a company to give you a greater understanding for their personnel, history and mode of operation.


This neat little application manages to make you come off as an incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and considerate individual.

Rather than only communicating to an email contact based on their name, in your capacity in sales, you can see their LinkeIn bio, social media profile, photo, email history between yourselves and geography.

Rapportive operates to transition a cold contact to a warmer one, giving you more access to their standing and habits.


Experienced sales staff understand the need not only to curate emails that are optimised to a campaign or message, but send them out at the right time. There is no point issuing a promotion to your consumer base when it is sent out at 3.30pm on a Friday.

Boomerang helps schedule your Gmail output with archiving and reminders that manages your communication. While there is a $4.99 per month plan attached with additional functions, the free plan on Boomerang still gives users a credit of 10 messages.

That way the big email campaign effort can be sent out at 9am on a Tuesday for all the retailers and business owners to see it when they are fresh and responsive, even if you forgot from the previous week. Pretty neat.

Blake Hampton
Blake Hampton
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