4 Smart casual pieces by Burberry for Men

Smart casual can be one of the most challenging dress codes to understand, and whether it’s the dress code at your office or for an event or venue, you’re going to. Even when you know what sort of stuff fits with the dress code, it can be tricky to feel like you can add your style or flair to what you’re wearing. Usually, we tend to invest more in the clothes on either end of the smart to casual spectra, such as evening wear and streetwear, and don’t put as much thought into the middle ground! 

But, whether it’s for work or your social life, if you need to boost the options for your smart-casual wardrobe, then one of the best menswear brands to look to is Burberry. Burberry does cater to fashion for all settings, from ties and pocket squares for formal dressing to caps, sneakers, and shorts for everyday urban life. However, they are an excellent choice for things on the casual end of smart, too, with shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets that add a very fashionable twist to safe, reliable smart-casual staples like polo shorts and loafers.

Here are some of the best smart casual pieces in the fall and winter 2020 menswear collection from Burberry:

Eddie Polo Shirt

This classic Burberry polo shirt is such an easy thing to wear that it can even be a good idea to get it in a couple of different colors. It pairs effortlessly with just about everything in terms of pants and jackets and is a flattering cut that gives you a crisp, smart look with a laid back, sporty edge. It is available in black, white, navy, and gray, and in some other colors like lilac, that can allow you to add some subtle, stylish color to your look.

Calverton Jacket

This black sateen jacket with spread collar gives some of the classic styles of the more formal Burberry coats while keeping a casual feel with the white logo detail and the shorter length. It’s a comfortable and versatile jacket that will see you through the fall and winter in style, and which can dress down smarter shirts if you want to go from the office to casual drinks after, while also being smart enough to fit in well in smart casual settings. 

Ainsworth Briefcase

A briefcase may not sound like a smart-casual piece. This bag in gray and black Burberry check canvas with leather details is more like a practical alternative to a messenger bag or laptop case. You are giving you a stylish yet understated bag that is appropriate for carrying your devices, or even using as a weekend bag if you can travel light. If you need a bag for work or you need something suitable for commuting or business travel, then this Burberry bag has the smart casual look that makes it look right whatever kind of attire you’re wearing for where you need to go. Naturally, it is also a high-end piece, with excellent quality and great design in interior and strap options. 

Black Allostock Boots With Burberry Check Side Design

Some robust boots can make a comfortable choice when looking for something smarter than sneakers but more casual than dress shoes. Burberry’s latest men’s range has a good choice of boots, including some stylish black leather Chelsea boots, but the black Allostock boots are a nice choice if you want something less plain. A Burberry check panel also makes these boots a little more eyecatching and gives a fashionable touch to what is generally nicely designed classic boots. These boots look fantastic with jeans and have paired with smarter pants – avoid wearing any other Burberry check pieces like a belt or scarf in this pattern with these boots to prevent having that overly ‘matchy-matchy’ look!

Denim jeans

The denim jeans have been in existence since 1950, which makes it the backbone of the casual outfits. With fitting jeans brings out your polished appearance for any occasion. Always go for the quality pair in straight-leg styles. If you want to have a good look for a more laid-back or off-duty look, you can have the cuts in the lighter’s hues. It doesn’t matter which style you choose, wearing a denim outfit is a go-safe style that you can have in different events.


The chinos are a unique style item to mix up from time to time. Wearing chinos with your upper outfit changes your outlook appearance for the better. Thus, it is good to invest in nice-looking colors in khaki, navy, or beige, which you can match with ease.

Chino will make you achieve a smart casual style from a comfortable style. These are perfect outfits for events that need ambiguous dress codes.


It is another on-point item to mix things up from time to time. It is a basic essential to use on any man’s casual wardrobe since it is stylish and easy to throw on.

Wear your knitwear casual as an outer layer of a lightweight jacket. It is good to go for a cut that works best for either your T-shirt and shirt to give a more powerful combination.


It is a great layer piece that will keep you warm by adding an edgy athleisure and attitude to your casual outfits. If you pair it with some sleek, it will give you a modern look. It is advisable to opt for the premium fabrics and pair it with sleek pants. 

These are an amazing casual outfit that you can’t miss to put on during the cold seasons and still look good.


These are all great pieces from the latest Burberry menswear range. Still, there are plenty of other smart-casual options from Burberry that there wasn’t time to mention here, so it’s best to take a look at the whole collection yourself and pick out which favorites you want to add to your own fall 2020 wardrobe!

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