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Scott Hughes will be the first to tell you, everyone loves stories. They’ve been a part of our collective consciousness since our inception. Over time, the manner in which these stories are shared has changed, even more so in the decades of the internet. The internet era has ushered in a rebirthing of the printing press in many respects, allowing writers and fans to congregate in unimaginably unique and wholesome ways.

Scott Hughes is one such curator with his company OnlineBookClub, since its creation in 2006 it has served as a sanctuary for millions of avid fans to discuss, review and discover new pieces of literature being released around the globe.

A Free Haven

With the internet era, comes a wave of new opportunities for those looking to make money from it of course. Scott Hughes denounces this with the OnlineBookClub, instead making it completely free for those who wish to impart knowledge or gain a new perspective.

The refreshing approach is the reason why its standing against the behemoths of the industry and allowing alternative viewpoints to be freely expressed in a safe haven, authors can elect to nominate themselves for book of the month or request their novels to be reviewed. There’s also an unending stream of opportunities with competitions and instigators for new stories and ideas.

Simple & Elegant

The simplicity and elegance of the site design is inspiring to say the least. There is special care taken to ensure that users find what they want with ease and convenience. The forum format for discussion is a harkening to the early days of the internet, where simplicity reigned.

The openness that is espoused when it comes to honesty in reviews and discussions is certainly a breath of fresh air in an increasingly fractured landscape of opinions.

Discover Something New

If you’re stuck in a lockdown and needing something new to discover, the OnlineBookClub is certainly a place that’s worth exploring, you don’t have to be an author, you simply need to be a fan of stories.

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Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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