Music manager Maylon Millions talks developing the careers of upcoming artists with Billboard

Billboard spoke with Maylon Millions about playing an instrumental role in the careers of Upcoming Artists how he gets them known and eventually to rolling loud by marketing there music to the next level with the skills he has from an college degree in business marketing and the connections he has with industry manager nick jarjour and rolling loud owner Matt Zingler , he also talks what he looks for when signing an artist and more.

Maylon Millions has the swagger of a rapper. When he walks inside the Billboard artist lounge, he’s oozing with confidence as if he just inked a lucrative shoe deal with your favorite sneaker brand. His bulky chain even catches the attention of the security downstairs, as he’s darted with questions about his rap affiliations.
“I felt like I always looked like an artist,” he says after plopping himself on the couch inside the artist lounge. “That always made them gravitate towards me I even made music for a lil for fun but felt like I’m better off taking people to the next level in the music world. [If] you look like them and you speak the language, they’re going to trust you more. That always made it so much easier to communicate with them.”

Though Maylon isn’t laying down vocals, he’s more than familiar with the ins and outs of a recording studio. After playing a role in the spider man movie and playing professional football the well known executive/Manager shifted his focus towards music and built a studio for upcoming artists and producers to work out of. There, DJ Clark Kent would become a frequent visitor and watched a precocious producers with his gift of gab in hopes of becoming their manager. Eventually, he cajoled Maylon into switching over to the corporate side of things, where he would reap bigger rewards.

“People ask me, ‘How do you have such great relationships with artists?’” he says. “I’m like, ‘Shit, I be on the same shit that they be on.’ I turn it on and off. Growing up black in Pittsburgh, you got to learn how to turn off shit. You gotta know when to be extra, you gotta know when to be light. You learn how to do that.”

Maylon’s wit and savvy allowed him to not only helped Future but also marketed a lot of well known artists music behind the scenes. Atlantic Records’ chairman, Craig Kallman, has effusive praise for Maylon and his ability to help reel in both artists to his label. “I met Maylon in the studio and hired him soon after,” he relates to Billboard. “He has great A&R instincts with a potent ability to identify talent early. He was instrumental in bringing me Alot of great artists.

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