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HSS drills or high-speed steel drills are a cutting tool often used in drill bits and blades or power-saw. They are superior to older carbon stainless steel tools and can cut various materials faster than traditional steel bits.

They are denoted as the high-speed bits. In room temperature, these bits showcase a great degree of abrasion resistance and hardness, which is better than other tool sets or even common carbon.

What are the different types of HSS drills?

There are many types of high quality HSS drills and electrical cords available in the market and the popular ones amongst them are:

Cobalt HSS drills

These drills come with an addition of cobalt, which improves their heat resistance and efficiency. The cobalt HSS drills are categorised into two different forms and these are M42 and M45. The M42 is embedded with 10% of cobalt, while for M45 it decreases to 5%. The right type that you need is greatly dependent upon the application of the HSS drills.

Molybdenum HSS drills

These major alloying elements such as tungsten, chromium and molybdenum have 4700 MPa bending strength and higher thermo plasticity. They are utilised for manufacturing a wide range of tools such as taps, reamers and drill bits.

Choosing the best HSS drills and electrical cords

HSS drills are designed for cutting and are found almost everywhere. However, to avail their benefits you have to make sure that you choose the appropriate one that suits your applications.

Some of the key aspects that you can consider when looking for high quality HSS drills and electrical cords are:

  • Always focus on the composition of the HSS drills. As stated, these are either made from stainless steel and carbon or a combination of metals to enhance their efficacy. Therefore, know more about the materials that go into their making, as this will help you in understanding whether they will be able to serve their purpose or not.
  • Remember that premium quality HSS drills are crafted from not just one but an array of metals and are always blended in an appropriate proportion, so that they are able to drill different types of materials at a high speed without any interruptions.
  • The high quality HSS drills and electrical cords are able to cut at a minimum speed of 133mm diameter. Ensure that the product you are about to choose are able to drill into any material you choose.

Why choose HSS drills and electrical cords?

Opting for the right HSS drills and electrical cords can have a world of difference on the final results achieved. To get the right one there are only four steps that you must follow, and these are:

  • Understand the type of electrical cords that you are looking for and their purpose. It is essential to identify suitable cords in order to avoid any hazardous situation.
  • Consider the total power at which the cords and drills are to be operated. Do ensure that the power does not exceed the basic requirements of the cords.
  • Select the cords as per their length, as there are many options out there in terms of size and length.
  • Make your selection based on the type of the plug, applications and their numbers. Some of the cords have additional features like light indicator, connector box and twist lock for seamless operation.

These are four quick and easy steps to look after when you want to unleash high quality HSS drills and electrical cords.

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