8 Reasons why silent disco party bring a new level of fun to your event

Silent Discos have already popular for all age people in Australia. Over the last 3 years, many companies have adopted the amazing party ideas for Silent Disco. Because they admit that Headphone parties are in demand particularly in metro cities where silence is appreciated, and people are familiar with the noise.

It is important to note that silent activities are not only for disco or cinemas but also for School silent activities like End of Term Reward Day, School graduation Party, School Fete, School Incursion, School Fundraiser or School Holiday Program. The Silent Disco also has become the most favourite option for organising 18th, 21st birthday parties, corporate events, virtual reality, backyard party, silent disco, kid’s parties where participants enjoying music on wireless headphones rather than using a speaker system.

The idea of a Silent Disco is like Marmite, either you love it or hate it. Most of the people love it to get experience the atmosphere of the Silent Disco. There are so many different variations you can have to make fun 3 times better compared to the speaker system. Take a look at some proven reasons why Silent Disco is the best option for your customisable needs.

  1. Shhhh..It’s Too Quiet:

Silent Disco is a great way to organise an event in a place which is governed by strict laws where you must follow the noise licensing laws. For this Silent disco is the perfect option where music is broadcast through radio transmitters to headphones instead of through a speaker system so you can celebrate your event till midnight. It will also help to keep any curtain twitches quite in your street.

  1. Free from places:

Now you can celebrate the party anywhere anytime. Wireless headphones offer the flexibility to listen to music in the most silent places like museums, heritage sites, most famous monuments, forest or even on the top of the mountains. Don’t wait for the DJ, just carry your headphone anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the cops to ruin your party.

  1. Let’s music follows you:

Here, there is no chance to miss your favourite song. Now that days are gone where you had to hamper the DJ to play your preferable music or wait for the song. Silent disco party is the one-stop solution to be your own DJ and rock the whole night with friends. It is the only option where you can talk when you want and dance when you want. Just taking your headphone out and talk with your friends in your loud dance party. Spend this New Year’s Eve with a pair of wireless headphones.

  1. Avoid distractions:

Such disturbance like a phone ringing or someone’s cough mainly interfere in your precious party or important event. With wireless headphones, it is completely eliminating the distracting factors and you will get accurate efficiency in your interesting activities or parties. So, if you are in a silent disco or concert, you can enjoy the music

  1. Enjoy the sound of silence:

This Christmas avoid partying at a club or pub where everyone screaming and shouting loud in your ears to spoil your kickass time in this New Year’s Eve. Just hire your pair of silent disco headphones and dance your feet off the ground. The wireless connectivity allows your headphones to work in the area of around 500 meters efficiently. So, don’t waste time in yapping when your silent disco headphones on.

  1. Just dance to YOUR favourite jams:

With your pair of headphones, you can adjust the volume and choose your favourite music with the flick of a switch. You can also change the colour of headphones that are switched to the other channel. The transmitters not only provide you with music options but in most cases, they even give multiple functionalities such as you can select different music channels from your laptop, phone or DJ. In this festive season be the envy of your clique by organizing silent disco party.

  1. It’s in your pocket:

No worries about money this Christmas. All you can do by yourself within your budget. All you have to do is invite your friends and hire wireless headphones along with your playlist and have a rocking night without spending rent for clubs or pubs. Turn your living room into the silence disco party with enjoying great music, socialise with friends and meet with new people and most of all try something interesting.

  1. Make unlimited fun:

It is indeed a very positive approach to deal with your daily hectic life schedule which makes you tired and irritating. People wish to relax their mind. Silent disco is the best option to enjoy the smoothness of the sound that release you free from all your pain. Silent disco is perfect for all age of people even for them who cannot move or walk, they can also enjoy the silent party by being fixed on their chairs and dancing through their hands and body by forgetting all their physical and mental agony.

Silent Disco provides unlimited fun and can also set up with the number of music options that suit the different taste of all the participants.

Silent Disco makes amazing fun. Even though it is not a new thing, people are very familiar with the wireless headphones but still, it is in the wonder of their awesomeness. Watching your colleagues and friends dancing by wearing headphones, undoubtedly create an image of oddness and something that will make everybody giggle. Just dance on your feet, lose your shyness and make new friends with this unbelievable technology.

It is the easiest ways to lose yourself in the music and collect unforgettable memories. This time no loud music to talk over and no ringing in your ears when you leave!


Paul is a director at Party Higher in Australia. He has expertise in organising silent dance parties.  No matter what type of event you want to organise, he is eager to make your special event make unforgettable which you desire. You can contact Me here
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