9 reasons to take office cleaning seriously

For those of us who work in an office, as much as we may not like it, the office can become our home away from home. Spending eight hours or more a day, five days a week in the same surroundings can really bond you to that space.

So it’s no surprise that the state of your office space can seriously affect your business. From staff wellbeing and morale to the cost of sick days and employee turnover to client perceptions of your business – maintaining a clean and presentable office can have a huge impact on your business.

Here are 9 reasons why you should take your commercial office cleaning seriously.

1. Offices are home a staggering amount of bacteria

When it comes to bacterial biodiversity, your office is like a rainforest. Research has found that the average keyboard can have 20,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. And for shared workstations, the situation can be even worse.

Shared kitchens and bathrooms, lunchrooms, office fridges, carpets and air vents are some of the other office areas that can quickly become havens for bacteria if not regularly and professionally cleaned.

Unsanitary conditions in these areas can increase the likelihood of infection and the spread of contagions, especially for those with weak immune systems.

2. An unsanitary office can increase the incidence of sick days

According to the Department of Human Services, absenteeism costs the Australian economy more than $33 billion every year. And the rate of absenteeism in Australia has grown by 7% since 2010.

The cleanliness of your office can contribute to the incidence of sick days among your staff. Unsanitary working conditions can increase the likelihood and speed up the spread of illness among your staff.

Unsanitary or untidy working conditions can also create a working environment that people simply don’t want to spend time in.

By not taking your office cleaning seriously you could be increasing the incidence of legitimate and illegitimate sick days among your employees, and that can end up costing you in a variety of ways, from lost productivity to poor customer service and increases in staff turnover.

3. Office cleanliness can affect staff morale

The benefits of good morale at work are obvious. Happy staff are more productive, less likely to call in sick, and more likely to commit to the job long term.

The cleanliness and tidiness of your surroundings can have a large effect on your mood. This is true whether you’re at home or at work. While the level of cleanliness can affect different people to different degrees, a disorganised, untidy office will increase stress and anxiety and generally evoke dissatisfaction and discomfort among your staff.

In contrast, a clean, tidy office will help people feel more comfortable and happy in the workspace.

4. Cleanliness can affect productivity

A growing body of research is showing that neat and tidy surroundings can help people to concentrate and focus. Tidiness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce distractions and improve time management. Combine that with the improved morale that comes with a clean workspace and you have a recipe for success.

9 reasons to take office cleaning seriously
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5. A tidy office can improve staff retention

If you have to spend eight hours a day in a work environment that, at best, makes you feel a little uncomfortable and, at worst, disgusts you, your chances of settling into that job for the long-haul is pretty low.

Providing a clean, organised, tidy and sanitary workplace will help to reduce staff turnover and that promotes business stability and reduces the costs associated with recruiting.

6. A clean workspace will help to attract the best talent

If you’re the kind of business that’s looking to attract the best staff in your field, then you know how competitive it can be vying for these premium candidates. You need every advantage you can get when it comes to landing top-shelf employees. When a prospective employee comes in for an interview, being able to present an immaculately clean and organised workspace can help with that all-important first impression.

7. An untidy office affects workplace safety

Workplace injuries can be costly. They can impact your business in terms of productivity and time lost, but also in terms of reputation, staff morale and general perception of safety. Regular professional office cleaning is crucial for minimising the incidences of slips, trips and falls at work. A reputable commercial office cleaning company will be fully versed in all OH&S cleaning and safety guidelines and will help keep your office safe and tidy.

8. Cleaning improves air quality

When you’re spending upwards of eight hours a day closed in the office you really come to appreciate fresh, breathable air. Unfortunately, indoor air pollution has become a significant public health risk in recent years.

Poor quality air can lead to a range of ailments including allergies, respiratory issues, headaches, skin problems and more.

Around the office, there are a number of factors that can significantly affect air quality. These include improperly cleaned kitchens (especially poor drainage), irregularly emptied rubbish, improperly maintained ventilation systems, dirty carpets, a build-up of dust and more.

9. A clean office will enhance your business image

When current or prospective clients walk through your door, you want to make sure that you present the best and most professional impression of your business. While your workplace cleanliness certainly won’t be the first thing on your prospective client’s mind, it will definitely play a part in the first impression that they make of your business. And as the old saying goes: First impressions count.

A clean workplace shows that you care about your business and your staff. It implies quality, attention to detail and organisation.

If you’re looking for premium commercial office cleaning in Melbourne, make sure you speak to an experienced cleaning company that can address each and every one of the points above.

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