R.Kelly faces new federal charges adding to his mountain of legal problems

At this point, it’s like R.Kelly is like a Pokémon trainer, with the seemingly ‘gotta catch ’em all’ mantra with his growing legal problems.

Federal prosecutors just served several new charges to the singer-songwriter in New York, including offenses against a minor.

TMZ reported through legal documents they acquired states that Kelly was indicted relating to two new victims, one of whom was a minor when Kelly slept with her back in 2015. This comes out of New York’s Eastern District, adding charges of enticement and coercion, transportation of a minor across state lines, and coercion of a minor.

The victim whom Kelly had an affair with when she was just a minor is labeled as Jane Doe #5 and claimed that Kelly didn’t tell her that he had herpes when they were together. The other victim listed as Jane Doe #6 also said that she was also exposed to Kelly’s herpes due to the fact that they had unprotected sex.

Azriel Clary, one of the singer’s ex live-in girlfriends came out recently and accused him of brainwashing her to have her lie to the public about their relationship when she was just a minor.

Kelly’s federal charges now count at nine in New York and a staggering 13 charges in Illinois. The singer also has pending cases in Minnesota and is still held behind bars in Illinois as he still claims his innocence while he waits for his trial.

Things are looking darker for Kelly now that lockdowns due to the Coronavirus global outbreak is in full effect. The singer now can’t access his lawyers. His legal team attempted to see him last week at MCC Chicago where he’s currently held but were told that they can’t see their client by corrections personnel due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has directly affected Chicago.

Sources told TMZ that Kelly’s legal team wanted to check up on him if he was doing okay as well as discuss legal strategy, which they often do prior to the viral outbreak. The last time Kelly was able to meet with his lawyers was last week, right before the COVID-19 issue escalated.

A Bureau of Prisons representative from Illinois told TMZ that jail personnel suspended visits for the next 30 days, but will consider certain legal meetings on a case-by-case situation. The representative further explained that they are doing said precautions to avoid the unnecessary exposure of inmates and personnel to the virus. They stated that they know the importance of letting inmates meet their legal teams and will do their best to accommodate their rights the best they can in this current situation.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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