5 best places to buy children’s glasses online

For buying kids’ glasses online, there are a range of stores to try. Our top 5 stores specialise in selling unbreakable glasses for kids with a range of unique and colourful children’s spectacle frames. Whether you are looking for kids reading glasses, sunglasses or more, these stores will help you find the perfect pair.

#1 OpticallyA child sitting in a field wearing unbreakable glasses for kids.

Optically provide the highest quality kids and baby glasses that will have them looking their most stylish. The fun designs that sit comfortably on small faces come in a wide range of colours and styles to ensure that there is something for every child. As one of Australia’s most trusted providers of fashionable and reliable eyewear and with a 100% quality guarantee on all their products, Optically are the go-to online shop for children and adult glasses alike. The durable frames and stylish designs are unmatched and are sure to excite kids. As an added bonus, all of their kids’ glasses also include free prescription lenses and a kids glasses case.

#2 Vision DirectA girl smiling wearing pink baby glasses bought online.

With 2 year warranty and 100 day returns, Vision Direct are dedicated to ensuring that you find the glasses that are 100% perfect for your child. Carrying a range of highly sought after brands, finding the perfect kids reading glasses has never been easier. The products also come with a kids glasses case to be extra sure that they are kept safe and secure. An age range is also indicated on each product to help you determine which will be the most suitable for your child and their head shape and size.

#3 OPSMA boy wearing children's spectacle frames leaning against a wall.

OPSM are known for their extensive range of kids’ glasses online, specifically kids Ray-Bans. With over 80 years of experience in serving both Australia and New Zealand, OPSM is one of the most trusted providers of glasses. OPSM has over 400 stores and a functional online site where you can go to buy kids reading glasses and more. Dedicated to improving vision nationwide, you are sure to find the perfect product for your child.

#4 Tomato GlassesA child wearing kids glasses online lying on the floor reading a book.

Tomato Glasses stock a unique collection of children’s spectacle frames. Specialising in baby glasses, but stocking products suitable for kids up to 16 years of age, Tomato Glasses are very familiar with what kids need in a pair of glasses. The company began when founder Sungjoon Kim noticed that his 24-month old son was in need of glasses and that none of the ones that were on the market were suitable for his face and head shape. Thus, he made the frames himself and has since been committed to helping provide other kids with stylish and well-fitting glasses.

#5 ClearlyA girl wearing glasses bought online with a kids glasses case smiling.

For unbreakable glasses for kids, Clearly have got you sorted. A pioneer in online shopping and kids’ glasses online, Clearly have been passionately delivering prescription eyewear to their loyal customers since 2000. Their style is unique and the retro-inspired designs are loved by many. Their children’s spectacle frames come in a wide range of exciting colours and patterns that any child can choose to express their personality.

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