What do we mean by locum doctors? What exactly do they do?

If you have heard the term locum doctor before, but you still don’t know what exactly it represents, we’re here to introduce you to the duties of them. They’re essential workers, and without them, many healthcare facilities would not have the capacity to treat their patients during emergencies.

Unfortunately, many doctors or other medical staff treat locum doctors with disrespect because they believe that they don’t have enough experience to compare their work with a full-time health practitioner. The job of locum doctors is to fill temporary positions at health facilities across the country. They tend to stay in one hospital for a few weeks or months and take another job opportunity when other doctors return from their maternity leave or when their service is not needed anymore. They are skilled individuals, and other health practitioners should give them the respect they deserve.

What is a locum doctor?

Many people wonder what locum doctors do. It’s often difficult to give a precise answer to this question. These doctors are skilled workers, and they can contribute to society in many ways. When other doctors can’t work at a hospital, locum doctors tend to take their place and help other health practitioners during their stay.

Every doctor with a medical degree and a year of experience can apply for this job position. Those who want to become locum doctors should prepare themselves for this job position. As discussed above, primary care doctors are not very fond of locums. This job opportunity is not for everyone, but it offers such benefits that some doctors can’t refuse.

Their role in our system

Their careers are vital for the healthcare system in your country. Without locum doctors, there would be no order, and many patients would not receive proper medical assistance after their doctors take a full annual leave.

It’s vital to respect these individuals because most hospitals tend to hire them during the holidays or when the accident rates go up. They help us during the hardest times, and they’re doing their best to provide adequate care for all their patients.

Differences between locum and travel doctors

They travel from one facility to another, and people often confuse them with travel doctors. Locum doctors travel often, and most of them don’t stay in one facility for longer than six months at a time. Travel doctors, on the other hand, are specialized to treat diseases that are acquired during travel. They treat the health problems of international travellers.

Travel doctors can also prepare you for your trips and teach you how to prevent certain diseases. Both travel and locum doctors are familiar with the dynamics of their career. Locum doctors are grateful for the opportunity to work with other doctors because it allows them to learn from other health practitioners and gain more experience.

Why do hospitals need locum doctors?A locum doctor writing notes while using a stethoscope on a patient.

Locum doctors are significant for our health care system because their presence in the healthcare facilities allows other doctors to take a break and rest before they return to work. Without locum doctors, most health facilities would be understaffed. Patients would have to wait for their appointments, and other doctors would be exhausted all the time. They are here to bring balance and help their colleagues whenever possible. In simple terms, hospitals use locum doctors to fill gaps and ensure that all patients get adequate care on time.

The pros of working as a locum doctor

Those who don’t like routine are most likely to take this job opportunity. Locum doctors travel often, and this tempo allows them to see other parts of the country and meet new people while earning enough money for a comfortable living. They also have the opportunity to gain experience and advance their career, which is an essential part of studying medicine.

A locum doctor recruitment agency can help young doctors find new job opportunities. Once you become a part of their system, it will be easier to find a job in your country or overseas.

They are the masters of work-life balance because they can choose where and when they’d like to work. Become a locum doctor, and you’ll have the privilege to design your schedule and bring more balance into your life.

Career development and financial benefits

Doctors in Australia can earn enough for a comfortable living. Locum doctors can earn the same amount of money as a general care doctor or even more if they decide to work full-time. However, hospitals don’t need to rely on locums throughout the whole year. That’s one of the reasons why some doctor’s don’t want to risk their career.

They often don’t know what’s coming their way. People who love stability and don’t want to change residence often should rethink their career choices and forget about these opportunities. However, if your main goal is to gain more experience and learn from other medical professionals, this option is the best on your list. You’d be able to meet experienced doctors with a rich background and learn a lot from the stories they want to tell. If you decide to work as a locum doctor, keep in mind that you have the right to change your career path and become a full-time doctor.


Medical students feel the pressure to decide what they want to do after their studies. Take your time to learn from others and inform yourself about other career options. If your goal is to become a hardworking and essential member of our society, this job opportunity will change the way you see your medical career and treat your patients.

Treat all your colleagues with respect, even if you decide that this career path is not the best option for you. They’re here for your patients when you’re not around, and they can be of great service when all hospitals in your area are understaffed. Offer help and support to all your colleagues, and if you have the opportunity to work with locum doctors, teach them as much as you can before they leave. We need to do our best to help each other because that’s the only way to provide adequate healthcare for all.

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