Photo Booth attendants are very important, here’s why

Whether if it’s a wedding or a graduation, one thing is certain; photo booths are a must-have for any occasion. Not only do they bring more life, flavor, and excitement to any event, they are also an affordable means of additional documentation apart from the standard photography and videography services that one hires for an event.

But do photo booths require attendants? The answer is actually up to you. Not all booths have attendants and to most, it is an option to have one. A lot of booths are designed to be user-friendly and are easy to navigate and use. Most use touch screen systems where guests have a wide variety of color and design customizations to choose from for their photo strips. There are many reasons why it is better to hire a photo booth attendant for your event and we are going to discuss some of them right now.


Booth Set-Up

One of the main responsibilities of an attendant is to bring and set up the photo booth for the event. Attendants usually arrive early to meet with the event organizer/planner and discuss logistics like booth set up and the location where the booth will be placed within the event grounds. They are also responsible for cleaning up and disassembling the equipment after the event is done. This means you don’t have to check the photo booth every once in a while yourself or allocate an extra hand to do so.

Resolve Technical Issues

An event organizer needs to wear a lot of hats during an event and dealing with technical difficulties that might arise in a photo booth might become a tad bit overwhelming for them and their team. This is why having an attendant accompany your photo booth is vital. A good attendant possesses the technical savvy necessary to effectively maneuver and fix the problem in a timely manner to avoid further hiccups. Whether it’s someone who accidentally tripped on the power cord or when the booth runs out of paper, having an attendant will make your life way easier than having to deal with these unwanted situations by yourself.

Happy to Serve!

Besides the technicalities, logistics, and grunt work, attendants are there to aide your guests in their photo booth experience. Apart from the event aficionados, most guests will be unfamiliar in the inner workings of the photo booth even if its user interface is easy to use. This is where your attendant comes into play. Good attendants possess an excellent customer service repertoire. They are friendly and warm; welcoming each and every guest to the booth with a great smile. They will also be patient not only with fixing a technical problem but with teaching and helping guests go over how the booth works.

Keeping Count

Attendants are also tasked to be aware of every person who has been to the booth and the ones that have not gone yet. With a friendly gesture, they will try to entice the ones that have not gone in yet so they can add their photos and messages for the debutante or couple.

The Event’s Album

When hiring a good photo booth for an event, most of their services include having an album book for the person or couple being celebrated. When a photo is taken and printed, there is usually a copy of it that will go to this album for the celebrant of that event. It is the responsibility of the photo booth attendant to make sure that each copy of every photograph taken will be documented into that album and at the same time, ask guests to write down a message for the people being celebrated in the event.

Some people might think that hiring a photo booth attendant is unnecessary and just adds to the cost of the event. But always keep in mind that hiring a photo booth is healthier for you and your event in the grand scheme of things than trying to personally troubleshoot an issue if one arises, giving hindrance to the fun experience that your guests are having.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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