Parrish Jackson talks about how his travel booking website took flight

Parrish Jackson is the creator and owner of nexttravle, a website offering highly competitive rates on international travel packages including flights, accomodation, car rentals, public transport and tours. The website is easy to use and offers some incredible discounts on highly popular travel deals.

Parrish answered some questions about his website.

How did you get introduced to the industry and what inspired you to start the business?

A year ago I sat in on a very significant conversation about starting a business of traveling and tourism on a global scale which opened my eyes tremendously because as a multi trillion dollar industry that was growing by the hour I wanted to learn the business and be a part of everyone’s experience by developing a travel website. What inspired me the most in building the website was the smiles on people faces once they book there flights and hotels at a price they could afford and as I said earlier It makes me happy to be a part of other people’s happiness.

Were there any initial challenges starting the website and getting your first customers?

Yes! Just like any business starting out there will be challenging aspects in the process of building trust and mostly just getting the website out there for the people to see the great deals on offer.

What do you believe has been the key factor behind your success so far?

A key factor of my success so far has been the automatic deals every day providing the best prices on different flights and hotels. On average you’re saving up to 60% which makes the website a for sure ‘go-to’ site.

What are some of your most popular deals and rental packages?

I would say the most popular deals are the international travel to Dubai, Italy, Turkey, Paris France, and the popular deals in the United States are Miami and Los Angeles so far.

In what ways are you planning to improve the website/business in the future?

It’s funny that you asked that because I plan on doing so much more with this website. Trains and buses, car rentals, airport transfers, and tours are already available. Keep checking out the website for more offers.

What’s the most important lesson you have learned since starting the business?

The most important lesson I have learned in this business is to never stop developing and making your business better and better as well as to value the customers experience with the website.

What new trends/developments do you see on the horizon for the travel industry?

Future travellers want authenticity to have the best experience possible. They even immerse in to the local culture like for example eat how the locals eat and do what the locals do as a core ingredient in their vacation. Future tourism is more on customization people don’t want to just see it anymore they want to live it and live their best life doing it.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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