Panic at the Disco: Selena Gomez suffers panic attack at the AMAs

Last Sunday was a huge day for Selena Gomez making her return in the 2019 American Music Awards since 2017, taking on the huge responsibility in opening the show with her new hit singles Look At Her Now and Lose You To Love Me.

Some people on social media, Twitter specifically did not like her performance and trolled the singer, saying things like her being horrible on stage, being off-key and making other negative remarks about Gomez’s performance. Her fans, on the other hand, went to her rescue battling off the negative tweets with love and support for her AMA performance and stating that they have her back no matter what.

E! News reported that Gomez did, in fact, had an episode of anxiety and panic attack right before she actually went out on stage and was dealing with a tremendous amount of pressure.

Gomez is no stranger with sharing personal bits and pieces of her life like her break up with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and her struggles with her mental health and has become a voice in the community and became a beacon of strength for a lot of people who were going through similar things.

The singer-songwriter-actress went to her Instagram and said that it felt good to be back and thanked her fans and her team for having her back and said that her performance was for them and that she was excited in this new chapter of her life.

In 2016, the singer shared her difficult time dealing with Lupus and how she found out that she has been suffering from the illness since 2015. Us Weekly published Gomez’s statement saying that she had discovered that she was suffering from Lupus, a disease that affects people in a myriad of ways and has discovered that depressive and anxiety episodes can be side effects of the illness which presented the singer with her own set of challenges.

Gomez went on stating that she wanted to be proactive and be focused on making sure her happiness and health is top priority and decided to take time off. The singer thanked her fans for their support and voiced her appreciation for them and said that she needed to face her current situation head-on to make sure that she can embody the best person she can be, egging on others who are in the same boat to encourage them to resolve their own issues.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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