Justin Timberlake intimately holds hands with co-star Alisha Wainwright

It looks like Justin Timberlake has some explaining to do after being seen with actress Alisha Wainwright over the weekend.

The two was hanging out with a group of their friends in New Orleans where they are filming a film together. The video shows the two co-stars holding hands with Justin appearing to have not been wearing his wedding ring, and has gone viral at this point.

E! News reports that a source told them that nothing is going on between the two actors and that Timberlake and Wainwright were having a good time with their co-workers in a social function.

Now, even if this was true and that people are just trying to read between the lines on something that is not there. The fact that they were holding hands with Timberlake not having his wedding ring on accompanied by the elbow touch will make a lot of people suspicious of the two.

People over the internet even rationalized that maybe Timberlake was playing a part of a single man in the film that they are making and everything around those lines. Whatever the case is, people, speculating that this is a divorceable offense, Jessica Biel should not break up with her husband over this, but she might actually be upset, especially with the hand holding seemingly to look very intimate between the two co-stars.

It is one thing hearing it from someone you know like a friend or a co-worker, but seeing footage of your significant other holding hands and being seemingly affectionate towards another person will be troublesome. Not only is it hard to be married and have a child with someone who acts for a living and be in projects like films and television shows to play a character who is with someone else on screen then seeing them outside of work still being intimate and affectionate with each other is a tad bit disrespectful and embarrassing for someone in Biel’s situation.

This situation will definitely land Timberlake in the doghouse for a while until he makes everything crystal clear to his wife regarding this issue.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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