Netflix has announced their most popular content of 2019

Netflix has listed down the most popular films and television series that they released in 2019, and guess what, almost all of them are original content from the streaming giant.

The streaming giant apparently created the list by collecting and collating the total number of Netflix accounts that streamed a certain movie or television show for a minimum of two minutes within the first month of that specific content’s release. Regarding The Witcher, which was released ten days before 2019 ended, Netflix relied on earlier data that they have collected to have a rough projection on the viewership numbers.


The Highwaymen (#10)

Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson play former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Maney Gault go on a quest to hunt down the infamous Bonnie and Clyde in this period drama piece by John Lee Hancock.

The Umbrella Academy (#9)

The on-screen adaptation of the Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comic book series that revolves around the maladjusted siblings that have their own unique power, adopted by an enigmatic father who mysteriously dies before the apocalypse begins.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (#8)

A biopic of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy portrayed by Zac Efron that is chronicled from the perspective of Bundy’s long-term partner who at the time, rebuffed the idea that Bundy was a psychopath and had committed atrocious crimes.

Triple Frontier (#7)

A group of former Special Forces agents get back together to cook up a larceny in a multi-border zone in South America. These group of unsung heroes partake in a perilous job that will benefit themselves for once but will need to band together tightly to ensure their survival.

The Witcher (#6)

Based on the Andrzej Sapkowski novel of the same name, the story follows Geralt of Rivia played by Henry Cavill, a lone wolf who hunts monsters and has trouble of finding his own place in a world where people see his kind differently and prove themselves viler than the things that he hunts.

The Irishman (#5)

The Irishman is set in 1950s America where Frank Sheeran, a truck driver gets in deep with the mob led by Russell Bufalino in Pennsylvania. Sheeran also goes on to work for famed American labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa as he climbs the corporate ladder of organized crime.

The Incredibles 2 (#4)

Mr. Incredible faces the challenging task of staying at home and take care of his three children as Elastigirl is enlisted by Winston Deavor, a Telecom guru to help the public love superheroes again. While all of this is happening, a new cybercriminal by the name of Screenslaver executes his plan by controlling everyone around the world via their computer monitors.

6 Underground (#3)

A group of unnamed, off-the-grid agents who are the best at what they do decides to choose to change the world’s future. Brought together by the enigmatic leader called ‘One’ executes their mission: to make sure that his group will be remembered for their deeds.

Stranger Things 3 (#2)

Young Eleven and Mike have started a sweet relationship that Jim Hopper is not totally on board with. Joyce is pondering on the idea to leave Hawkins to look for better opportunities. But before anyone can move forward with their lives, a mysterious power starts to fluctuate, triggering Will’s recognition of another otherworldly being that Eleven also senses.

Murder Mystery (#1)

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston portray Nick and Audrey Spitz, A New York police officer and his wife on a European trip to refresh their marriage. A series of unforeseen events happens and the couple ends up being framed for the murder of a billionaire.

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Alain Ang
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