20 of the most underrated Netflix films you should check out (part 1)

Netflix has an abundance of amazing films and television shows that you can binge without worrying about that next movie after wrapping up what you’re watching. With their huge library of content, most times other good films are overshadowed by the recent hits that take away the limelight off of these films that doesn’t have the same amount of press time. So, we are kicking off the New Year with what we think are the twenty most underrated movies on Netflix you can watch. Oh, and this is a two-parter by the way, enjoy!


War Machine

Brad Pitt stars as the charismatic and well-liked Glenn McMahon, a four-star general who is well-known for his successful stint as one of the focal points in terms of leadership in the Iraq war. McMahon is then tapped to command NATO forces in Afghanistan but little does he know that a journalist is about to take him down with a huge exposé.

Free Fire


Brie Larson is Justine, a woman who finds herself in a crossfire when a black market deal goes horribly awry. Now she needs to maneuver her way through a warehouse filled with trigger-happy goons.

From Paris with Love

James Reese, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an aid to an ambassador in France. He is also side-hustling as a CIA agent which is his true passion that nobody knows about. Like Pinocchio, Reese wants to become a bonafide CIA agent and gets his opportunity when he gets an assignment to pair up with Charlie Wax, played by John Travolta who is short of crazy and trigger happy. Reese starts to back-pedal but realizes that the people they are trailing are after him and the only way for him to survive is to stick with the somewhat maniacal Wax.

47 Meters Down

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are sisters who go to Mexico for a vacation on the beach. Kate gets the idea that they should go diving in shark-infested waters to get Lisa out of her shell. The two are then dropped in a shark cage as they marvel the beauty of great white sharks until the cage breaks off the boat, sinking the two sisters into the ocean floor with their oxygen tanks slowly running out.

Point Blank

Caught in a cross-fire between a corrupt police force and rivaling gangs, Paul Booker played by Anthony Mackie who is an ER nurse and Abe Guevara played by Frank Grillo, a criminal needs to make an uncomfortable alliance to survive.

24 Hours to Live

Ethan Hawke plays Travis Conrad, a hitman who leaves his job after his wife and kid died. Conrad is then lured back into a job that gets him killed but is then revived by the same corrupt organization that hired him.


Set in 1892, renowned Army captain Joseph Blocker, played by Christian Bale who is a veteran of the American Indian War, escorts a Cheyenne war chief who is dying back to his tribal land together with his family. The journey from Fort Berringer to Montana is a perilous one, meeting new people along the way, the cobbled group must now work together to survive the harsh and brutal land peppered with hostile natives.

It Comes At Night

A mysterious cataclysm wiped out the entire human population all save for a few survivors, including a couple of families that are forced to live in the same house and form a pensive alliance to ensure their survival.

Hot Rod

Andy Samberg plays Rod Kimball, an accident-prone stuntman who is having trouble gaining the respect of his Stepdad Frank played by Ian McShane. Frank beats up Rod in sparring matches they have weekly until Frank gets sick, leading to Rod coming up with the insane plan to raise money for Frank’s treatment so that he can finally beat him.

Olympus Has Fallen

Highly trained terrorists execute a major attack on the White House, overrunning America’s focal point. President Benjamin Asher, played by Aaron Eckhart together with his staff are held, hostage. Mike Banning played by Gerald Butler coincidentally is on the scene and it is up to him to find Asher’s son before the terrorists do and rescue everyone before the terrorists can execute their plan.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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