Motorcycle jacket styles that are trending in 2021

A gift to the biker community:
Bikers all over the world should be and definitely are thankful to the creators of Cafe Racer Leather Jacket. You might be curious to know who was considerate towards the biker community and who blessed bikers with an amazing wardrobe staple then. Just to make you aware, it was a New York designer who gets the credits for producing this mind-blowing and purpose-made leather motorcycle jacket.

When the brand unveiled the masterpiece for the first time, it was in 1928 and was charging according to the amazing creation. The sole purpose of such jackets was to protect the bikers, so they were initially only available for Harley Davidson distributors in Long Island. These jackets back then, when first introduced, we’re tough, rugged, and immediately embraced by the motorcyclists because of these qualities.

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But you know what an actual sparkling moment for these jackets was? It was when Marlon Brando introduced the vast majority of people to cafe racers in his hit movie “Wild One” in 1954. People took it as an iconic piece of clothing which it indeed is. These jackets had a vibe of rebellious, moody, and counterculture in the past, and hence they were banned in many US high schools for a while. The association of these jackets was with hoodlums, and we can totally understand the argument.

It did not take long for these jackets to get acceptance from a wide majority and to become an integral part of almost everybody’s wardrobe. We can say that it is something that has endured to this very day. Every single person who owns or has owned a bike must have this leather jacket in the wardrobe. And now that we are moving to a new decade and things are evolving, it is time to know what kinds of cafe racer leather jackets are in nowadays.

Racer jacket styles:

There are several brands introducing several motorbikes or racer jackets. Each brand individually separates the base through minor changes in the jacket, keeping the basics constant.


Matlock is a leather jacket that is most probably a hit-list jacket style for the upcoming season. While there is nothing groundbreaking in style, the departure of this jacket is good news. This design has an asymmetrical zipper front, and it is reminiscent of the original perfecto. Matlock is a very simple and unfussy jacket with nice touches like the articulated shoulder gussets, rolled cuffs, and plain sleek waistband.

The purpose of these cafe racer jackets is to protect your body from accidents and all, so don’t worry, this Matlock can be your armor.

Supreme motorcycle jacket:

A Supreme motorcycle jacket is another simple design with more of a traditional box cut. It is made from gorgeous black, brown hand waxed bovine leather brown royal lined color and cuffs. Now again, this supreme motorcycle jacket is a way to protect your body and keep you safe from road accidents.

The minimalist and sleek design of this cafe racer motorcycle jacket explain that biker jackets should not be a source of hindrance for bikers; rather, they should be a source of facility and ease. These jackets are beautifully detailed masterpieces.

Gypsy jackets:

Now we don’t want ladies to miss out; hence let’s idolize gypsy jackets for this season. This jacket is an unashamed homage to the original perfecto. We don’t want you to miss out on the features. There is why we are telling you that this jacket differentiates itself from others through the thickness. A modern take is that it is made up of pebbled leather, which is only 1.5 millimeters thick. This leather is backed up with DuPont Kevlar lining.

As it is a girly jacket, attention to detail is fantastic. Touches like the courted drop back to the shore, then there are shoulder gussets for easy movement and quilted sections above the elbows. Do you know what else makes this jacket interesting and super cool? It is the 7 in total YKK zippers, including a hidden vest at the back.

Rocker leather jacket:

Rocker jackets are a way to nicely encapsulate the ethos of a minimal leather motorcycle jacket style. The brand’s creators are also behind the fantastic vintage racing spirit flat track race Series. This jacket is described as waxed bovine leather and has an aged look as if the jacket has already gone through years of used zips. Then it has a slightly-off asymmetric zipper, three outer zipper pockets right on the front, and then a small coin pocket on the left sleeve only.

You can also witness a flap pocket but only on one side. Detailing is pretty nice, with cruelty panels on the shoulders, on the elbows, and drop waist at the back. There is a high neck collar with a double stud fastening and a flat on the waistband to cover the zip base to prevent any unwanted scratches. This piece might cost you forever to buy because it is freaking expensive.

Vintage racer jacket:

A vintage café racer jacket is up for bridging retro vibes in your life. If the only jacket that still is minimalist, plain and simple, then it is definitely this vintage jacket. The distressed leather is what makes it look beautiful and rugged. If a racer jacket is fulfilling the sole purpose, which is protection from accidents, as well as giving you style, then what else do you want?

As all the racer jackets or motorcycle jackets are pretty expensive, you can always go for the ones that are simple and plain. Anyhow, we would suggest going for a simple piece of clothing and definitely not go for flappy pockets and fur-loaded designs. Moreover, keeping your look minimal is always better than going overboard with your look, as you won’t want to be the odd one out among the gathering of your favorite peeps. Furthermore, stick to the style that suits your personality and don’t jump into the trend wagon. Not only will this keep you away from imitating the style that doesn’t suit your personality, but it’ll also mark you as the sane one in your gathering.


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