Most common challenges while working with an offshore development partner

Large organizations outsource their projects and hire technical expertise to manage the overall process and IT tasks at low budgets and provide enormous outsourcing benefits. Whether you want to outsource your IT operations for the long term or short term, businesses need to realize that outsourcing is a continuous process with constant evaluation and monitoring in an ever-evolving environment. Despite the benefits of outsourcing, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are many challenges when it comes to working with an offshore development partner.

In this blog we will discuss the challenges that many organizations face while working with an offshore development partner, outsourcing their IT operations and the common challenges you come across. 

Common challenges you should you need to know when you work with an offshore development partner

For those who’re planning to outsource their IT operations to an offshore development partner; Outsourcing is a practice of transferring work to your outsourced partner rather than completing it on-site. The outsourcing services are rapidly expanding and offering more improved strategies for meeting client’s expectations.

  • Trust issues with your outsourcing partner

When you’re planning to outsource your project located overseas, it may bring some obvious trust issues. Simply because your project’s success will depend on your offshore team, find the best outsourcing company with domain expertise that fits your budget, and deliver your project on-time.

Collaborate with a reliable IT outsourcing company to deliver a successful project and manage the entire development process.

Initially, have a clear understanding of what has to be done and the business KPIs for which you’re outsourcing your project. Once you’re done with it, have in-depth knowledge of the offshore development companies and create a rough list of top outsourcing companies.

When you’re ready with your list, it’s time to get in touch with them and make a decision.

  • Attitude towards work

Surveyors who are dealing with unprofessional attitudes with the peers at the outsourcing location are sometimes a concern. When you’re working with your outsourcing partner, negative attitudes become barriers and harm working relationships and drive productivity.

It is important to have positive attitudes towards the outsourcing team, have better communication, and excellent problem-solving skills to grasp quickly to abandon negative energies at the workplace.

  • Understanding the scope of work

Outsourcing IT operations creates uncertainty for some clients to which the third party’s services correctly understand the process. You should have an appropriate outsourcing plan before hiring an offshore development partner, which is important for the outsourcing project’s success. The organization is required to engage with the in-house team for knowledge transfer when implementing the project.

To deal with the complicated challenges, you must define your goals, objectives, detailed documentation, and targets for the outsourced requirement’s overall success. For reducing the risk, proper planning at every stage is required at both ends to make sure that you’re on the correct path and have trained the right developers to get the work done with a proper understanding of the assignment.

  • Meeting deadlines

When you’re outsourcing your project, the offshore team must deliver the project before the deadline. Time management for an organization is essential to complete any task or operation promptly. You can prepare to-do lists and plan all the activities using the time diligently to complete your project and avoid the risk of rushing to get a task done or a work project completed.

The basic principle of strict adherence to time management is courteous behavior. A few consider getting the task done on strict deadlines as it can be a hurdle when connecting with an outsourcing team.

  • Language and communication challenges

Language and communication barrier is the most common challenge when outsourcing projects to far-off destinations. It becomes difficult for people with regional dialects that may not be easy for you to understand.

Large companies have faced this challenge when outsourcing. When working in the office space, developers tend to discuss the stuff and clearly understand what needs to be done. But when your outsourcing partner is located overseas, it becomes difficult to share the stuff and becomes a barrier in communicating the expectations.

  • Time zone difference

Time zone differences are a big challenge when outsourcing work overseas. It isn’t easy to find moments to speak and discuss the project with time differences. The chances for better communication decrease and end up paying more to the outsourcing team.

The project may be delayed due to the difference in work schedules and the time zone’s impact. Some in-house employees make sure to resolve the problems with the outsourcing team to some extent.

  • Product design

Unfortunately, design outsourcing fails to generate the desired results. Every small and large organization is passionate about doing something different in product designing and developing efficient methods and processes.

The companies who are clear about their work objectives and goals have the highest satisfaction level. They can expect a good quality solution for design engineering for use in the outside world.

Final thoughts

Here we discussed the common challenges while connecting with an offshore development partner and what makes it difficult for businesses to adopt it. But there are numerous ways to avoid such challenges. You should be aware of how to hire dedicated developers for your project to overcome these challenges used by businesses of all sizes easily.

Today, every small and large business understands the importance of outsourcing and hiring offshore developers to bring their product to the market. Outsourcing vendors use protocols to access data and physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access into premises and employees’ conduct. 

Various examples of tech giant companies like Microsoft and Oracle have been outsourcing for the past couple of years and gaining its benefits with their outsourcing partner. Every business needs to walk through the basic glitches of outsourcing IT operations and weigh all parameters before they get in touch with the offshore company. There are many differences seen over the past few years as the outsourcing firms behave differently and look at their business differently. However, to remain positive, both the connecting parties should be consistent to make a big impact and be unswerving.

Chandresh Patel
Chandresh Patel
Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach and founder of Bacancy Technology. His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise and extensive knowledge in the Agile software development services has helped the organisation to achieve new heights of success. Chandresh is fronting the organisation into global markets in a systematic, innovative and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.
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