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We all know how expensive and impractical modern jewellery can be. Because of the nature of the production process and the opulent connotations attached to various forms of jewellery, items like watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings are often equipped with a hefty profit margin. What also props up the price is the demand for specific products and its perception as a status symbol. People are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a product that often has very little utility. Instead, consider saving yourself some money by getting in touch with a reliable and well-respected restoration jeweller, like the team at Gray and Sons!

The history of Gray and Sons

Founded in 1980, Gray and Sons has been servicing various clients for four decades. They have developed an irrefutable reputation, one which is based on quality and consistency. The founder of Gray and Sons, Keith A. Gray, recognised that there was a huge gap in the market where refurbished jewellery could sit. By restoring antique jewellery to its former glory, Keith realised that more customers could enjoy some of the amazing products on offer if they were attracting a lower price tag.

Located in Florida, Gray and Sons has a showroom in Bal Habour, where customers looking to buy and sell antique jewellery and watches can survey and trial the goods on offer. Furthermore, the business’ experts (in gold and watchmaking) are on-site, so if you have any lingering questions you wish to ask, feel free.

Over the past four decades, Gray and Sons has steadily grown. The business now has an established monthly catalogue that reaches over 100 000 people each month. The business’ customer base now extends beyond Florida and has even reached international borders.

What do Gray and Sons do well?

Gray and Sons are a loyal, independent and family-run restoration jeweller firm. They aren’t governed by big business bureaucracies and instead choose to focus on every single customer that walks through the door. Indeed, this commitment is demonstrated in a variety of ways:

Comprehensive range

One of the main benefits of operating a second-hand jewellery store is the range of items on offer. Gray and Sons works with many different watchmakers and suppliers in order to source some of the most unique and varied jewellery items in the market. Because of this, Gray and Sons legitimately has products that are well and truly one-of-a-kind.

Kind service

Because it is a family-operated business, Gray and Sons always brings a level of warmth and heart to every transaction. No matter what you are looking for, the team will endeavour to source something that you will like and cherish.

Flexible rates

There’s no denying that new jewellery or a brand-new Rolex will set you back a lot. Offering flexible, fair rates is a big part of Gray and Sons, and why they have been so well-respected in the Florida community. If you can’t afford the price tag attached to some of the latest necklaces or bracelets offered at Tiffany’s, consider branching out to refurbished jewellery options.

Great quality

Finally, Gray and Sons always delivers on its quality. When it comes to high-end, luxurious jewels and watches, you naturally want the best for your money. Indeed, customers are entitled to 1-2-year warranty periods, so if they encounter any physical problems with their purchase, they can easily take it back to the retailer. Similarly, Gray and Sons also offer their customers a very flexible return policy, which allows customers to purchase a product, trial it for 10 days and return it within that time for a full refund (permitting they are unhappy with their purchase).


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