Capturing the world, from Manabu Eva Takekawa a photographer from Japan who seize every moment

Photography, the underrated profession that deserves more recognition. While our phones now hold the capacity of a digital HD camera with all the mechanics many of us, normal people cannot begin to fathom, the technique and skillset required to capture “the moment” is something most of us may not possess.

With so many things happening in the world in a daily basis both good and bad ̶ we get to see those things and moment right in front of us thanks to a professional photographers such like Manabu.

We spoke to Manabu about the inspiration behind his photos and most importantly why he does what he does and how he does it better than most.

This is an exclusive feature a lot of us deserve.

Manabu Eva Takekawa
Manabu Eva Takekawa

Thank you for spending the time with us Manabu. Could you please share little bit about your self?

My name is Manabu Eva Takekawa. Raised in Tokyo. Born in 21st Oct 1987. My passion began in 2011 when I started taking photos utilising SLR camera. Since then I have been working as a professional photographer working on operating drones as well as assisting photography for a Japanese TV network during their overseas shootings.

Can you share the biggest challenges that you had to overcome since you started traveling around capturing moments with your photography?

There are so many skilled people in the industry, and I was too concerned of how I was perceive at the time and because of this I lacked confidence.

One of the things that got me out of that state was my fellow traveler who I went to Mongolia with in 2015.

When people were exited to see the photos I took, that gave me a sense of self affirmation, like I can take photos that people get excited of, and I can help people in my own way with photography.

What was the beginning of your journey like, how did world travel and photography all started?

So great east Jp earthquake happened and the incident forced the company I was going to work at cancel the Job offering I have received prior to the earthquake due to related issues and conditions of the natural disaster. So, while going through a thinking period of how I was going to lead my life from that point, it was the meeting of a traveler that inspired my step forward.

The person who I have met online had such a journey of traveling by a motorcycle and on top of that crossed route 66 in the US as one of his travel accomplishments. Being inspired by his story I decided to travel Japan on a bicycle. Fast forward I have had a privilege to travel over 20 regions and countries combined. And out of all those countries Mongolia was one of the countries I fell in love with. To the point I consider Mongolia to be my second hometown and it is one of my aim to be based in the country along with Japan.

Manabu Eva Takekawa a photographer
Photo by Manabu Eva Takekawa

How do you think that your experience and initiative will make a huge difference in people’s life?

I think photography provides different values depending on the photographer and the viewer.

It may not be a good analogy but sometimes what she perceives as good may not be the right kind of good to the other person.

So although it’s almost impossible to take photos that can please everyone, if even one person can see something in my photo and feel something from it, I think that could mean, that particular photo I took was perceived as something meaningful.

That’s what matters to me.

And it is for “those” people who I may get the chance to touch in the future, that I continue my work and journey as a photographer.

Can you share with us a personal story of an emotional struggle?

Though I would prefer not to spill out details from work,

I had a great learning opportunity that during shootings, “the same moment most certainly will never appear twice”. So, it is important to predict and hypothesis in advance of different scenarios and to capture those “moments” over and over again.

That particular lesson taught me that is how you could take a photo you wouldn’t regret, and you could be proud of.

Any future plans you can share with the readers?

One of my goal is to have the job offers to work as a photographer in various countries.

When that is achieved I am definitely on my way forward.

What advice would you have for people and companies you serve?

I am available and able to go to places not too many people can.

Also, I have studied and mastered operating drones. Shooting from the sky shows a completely different world than shooting from the ground. I would encourage people to get in touch with me because I am confident that I can bring an amazing world and view close to them.

Thank you so much for the insights Manabu, Your photography and story inspire us all to have a refreshing take and views of the world around us. Could you please share, how can our readers follow you on social media and get in touch with you?

You can reach me through Facebook at

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