Nick Kyrgios takes on 2018 ATP tour solo

It looks like 22 year old Nick Kyrgios will be facing another year coach-less in 2018, as he struggles to find the right person for the job. The young tennis player has proceeded to take on the role of coach and athlete as he trains for the upcoming Brisbane International at the end of the year.

Kyrgios has hauled himself into a new fitness program in preparation for the strenuous physical demands of the ATP tour. With a persisting hip injury playing havoc on the world #21’s back end of 2017, all focus has been invested into reaching peak physical condition in time for the Australian Open.

Kyrgios shared his ongoing struggle to find a new coach, with all candidates so far falling short of his expectations. With ambiguities based on financial motives, the athlete retains hesitations about whether potential coaches have his best interest in mind.

The success Kyrgios has experienced during his reign as self-coach has given him enough confidence to endure another year on his own. Kyrgios reached his career high of 13 by himself, leaving him sufficiently satisfied with his current arrangements.

Kyrgios looks to be better prepared going into the 2018 Australian Open, having adjusted his diet, increased his workload and cut down on the leisurely basketball activities. His improved self-discipline seems to be paying off, as he feels much more physically equipped for the year ahead.

The maligned Australian player experienced an undesirable year of results, unable to make his way into the third round in the 2017 grand slams. Kyrgios’ hip issues hindered his performance, with the player admitting his basketball habits were proving detrimental to his physical condition.

Observing his friend’s success in the ATP tour has helped to stir Kyrgios into action. His doubles partner Jack Sock ended the year with a #8 world ranking and a year of impressive accomplishments on his belt. Kyrgios is now eager to get in gear and deliver his best in the New Year.

Kyrgios has acknowledged the inconsistency that obstructs his performance, but is working to improve on his weaknesses. He’s confident in his abilities, knowing that he’s previously won against the world’s best. So while he may not be ready for a full time coach, he’s certainly firing for his impending debut.

The talented player has faced a significant amount of criticism and resistance from tennis fans. However, with his newfound motivation and improved discipline, hopefully Kyrgios will be able to display some amazing tennis and reputable sportsmanship in 2018.

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