Katy Gallagher wants to return to the senate after disqualification

Katy Gallagher, one of the senators disqualified from serving in Parliament as a result of her dual citizenship with the UK, wants to try and win back her seat in the Senate.

Almost an exact month after the High Court ruled Ms Gallagher was ineligible to serve in Parliament, the ousted senator has announced her intentions to return to her seat at the upcoming election. In a statement made on Facebook, Ms Gallagher said that she had spent the last few weeks of her absence considering her options.

Although her intention to return to politics did not come as a surprise to her supporters, she disclaimed that it wasn’t an easy decision. She said that her reasoning for her contributions to “Labor’s mission” had not changed and that she still wanted to represent the interests of her home town on the national stage.

She has now put her hand up for preselection in the next federal election for her former senate seat.

After the High Court’s disqualification of Ms Gallagher, her Labor colleagues including party leader Bill Shorten and Senator Penny Wong said that they felt she had more to contribute. Senator Wong tweeted that she was “delighted” by Ms Gallagher’s decision to come back to politics.

Senator Wong said that Ms Gallagher was a woman of “great integrity and ability” and that she was an integral part of Labor’s Senate team.

Ms Gallagher became the sixth Member of Parliament to be booted by the High Court during the dual citizenship fiasco and defended her position despite other PM’s resigning or being disqualified.

She said that she was not making excuses for her dual citizenship and that she takes “full responsibility”. She has assured her supporters that she at no point received any advice that she was ineligible and would have followed it if that’s what the legal precedent suggested.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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