Justin Bieber confessed that he has been battling Lyme Disease

The Biebs (yes, I’m using that) confessed this week that he had been dealing with Lyme Disease. The singer is the latest celebrity to help spread awareness of this illness that originates from ticks.

Bieber shared on his Instagram via a captioned TMZ report regarding his diagnosis. The singer said in the message that while a lot of people make fun of him looking like s**t or that he’s on meth, the public fails to realize that the singer has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. But wait, there’s more; he has also been diagnosed with a severe case of chronic mono that affects the singer’s brain function, energy levels, skin, and his overall health.

The Canadian superstar said that he will divulge further information regarding his condition in an upcoming YouTube docuseries.

TMZ reported that the documentary will put to light Bieber’s condition and the symptoms which was undiagnosed for the majority of 2019. The singer fell into depression as a result of the diagnosis.


Bieber wrote: “You can learn all that I’ve been battling and OVERCOMING!!”. He added that he has had a tough couple of years and that getting the correct treatment is vital to combat the incurable illness. Bieber seemed to be in high spirits of battling his illness and stated that he will be back better than ever.

Other celebrities have opened up in the past regarding their battle with Lyme Disease. Celebrities such as actor Alec Baldwin and singer Avril Lavigne have helped raise awareness regarding the disease that an estimated 30,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease every year in the Americas alone.

Lyme Disease is usually spread via tick bite from deer ticks that carry the Borrelia bacteria. For a person to contract Lyme disease, the tick should be attached to the person for two to four days according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and a mosquito-like itch will show up. The CDC says that to avoid tick bites, people should avoid walking through thick foliage and people should use insect repellents.

Getting back to Bieber, the singer had revealed that he has a lot planned for this year, announcing on Instagram that after he finishes up his tour this year, he and his wife Hailey Baldwin are planning to work on starting their family.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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