Kim, Kendall, and Kylie roasted over ongoing Australian bushfire

The disastrous wildfire that is ravaging Australia right now has garnered media attention worldwide and has been a catalyst for people helping each other to aid the land down under in whatever way they can.

Many celebrities already went into action, putting their wealth into good use to financially help Australia battle the bushfires. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Elton John has pledged to donate a million dollars each. Leonardo DiCaprio announced that his organization Earth Alliance will be donating three million dollars to provide support for the people that are battling the bushfires. A lot of other celebrities and companies have pledged to either donate straight from their own pockets or raise funds.

And of course, reality television’s biggest stars won’t be outplayed… Or so they thought.

Without doing much to help, The Kardashian-Jenners have ripped the ire of the internet once more when Kim tweeted that climate change is real which she immediately deleted, only to repost it, adding an emoji of a broken heart. This drew other Twitter users to tweet at her, telling her things from she should donate money, to her rich family wasn’t doing enough to help the situation and are just trying to get a rub off of the situation.

Her sister Kylie has also drawn some flack, posting a series of Insta stories about the bushfires, even sharing a post by ABC Australia, that in fairness, pointed for her followers where they could donate to the fire relief endeavors. Kendall on the other hand also tweeted about Australia’s current predicament, even retweeting US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ tweets.

The sisters have since defended that they have made private donations to the effort to aid Australia, with Kim tweeting that she got pissed because of how people have been roasting them for their apparent lack of effort to the global cause for Australia.

Sure, they might have privately contributed, but then again, these are reality television personalities. They are some of the most famous, if not most famous reality TV stars. Saying that they privately donated is a bit out of character for most of them given that this was a golden opportunity to further their global branding.

Nevertheless, as long as they did donate or have made genuine efforts to help Australia, right? Because that is the most important thing right now given the situation they are in right now.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
Alain Ang is an editor for Best in Au. He enjoys writing about entertainment, movies, and lifestyle. On off days he spends his time with his rescue dogs, Sansa and Heart, digging holes in Minecraft, and developing his novel.
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