Janet Jackson has no nannies, prefers to be a working mom

Janet Jackson is a pop legend in her own right. While she’s a prominent figure in the music industry, she’s pretty down to earth about raising her son.

The singer reveals that she raises her son Eissa on her own and she has zero nannies to answer her every call. While other celebs opt to have a nanny round the clock, even having them around while out and about, Jackson is not having any of that.

An occasional babysitter is, of course, present while she’s off performing, but other than that, Jackson says “it’s my baby and me”. The songstress made the revelation during an interview for Stellar Magazine.

In the interview, Jackson acknowledges the hardships of being a working mom and, a single one at that. She tells the outlet, “I don’t have a nanny, I do it all myself.”

Jackson’s son is now 2 years old. He was born in January 2017 when Jackson was with his father Wissam Al Mana, a prominent Qatari entrepreneur. A few months after giving birth, the couple ended their marriage in April of the same year. Multiple outlets reported that their marriage has been turbulent as they do not agree with each other when it comes to parenting their son.

Previously, Jackson has shared with The Sunday Times that despite the ups and downs in her life, she’s currently “in a great space.” The 53-year-old mom reveals that she’s driven by the inspiration that Eissa gives her. “I have a beautiful son,” she gushed.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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