Scooter Braun finally speaks up amidst Taylor Swift-Big Machine feud

Scooter finally speaks up about the ensuing drama between Big Machine and Taylor Swift. He is finally commenting about the toxic situation that involves Taylor Swift and Scott Borchetta.

During the past couple of months, Taylor Swift has openly spoken about her frustration with Braun and Borchetta regarding her catalog of music. Recently, the award-winning singer took to social media to address the issue that she had an issue with them and implored her fellow artists to stand with her in the ongoing beef. 

Many of the artists including Selena Gomez, came to back up Swift while Braun decided to remain silent about the brewing tensions between them and the singer and has finally acknowledged the situation during the 2019 Entertainment Industry Conference that was sponsored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Variety.

Braun stated that he has not talked about the issue in six months and has not made a statement about the situation. Braun explained that he thought that publicly addressing the issue with Swift would not help the situation. He further noted that he thought that everyone lives in a time of toxic division today and thinks that a lot of people think of social media as the remedy to every problem and air out their grievances publicly in it instead of having real conversation. He went on to say that he didn’t like politicians doing it nor everyone for that matter. 

I that means I have to be the bad guy longer, I’ll be the bad guy longer but I’m not going to participate.” the Big Machine boss said when asked about the entire social media debacle.

The music executive also disclosed that he wants to sit down and have a closed-door conversation with Swift to iron out the situation with her. Braun expressed that a lot of things have already been said and opinions expressed even though the actual people involved have not had the chance to actually talk to each other amidst all the confusion. He said that if they don’t get a chance to really sit down and talk to figure things out, then they won’t come to a resolution to this longstanding issue. 

Braun’s comments came out just a couple of days after Swift announced that she was forbidden to perform her greatest hits at the 2019 American Music Awards where she will be honored and would be receiving the American Music Award’s Artist of the Decade.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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