Itzhak Arama talks about his luxury boutique accommodation in Israel

Itzhak Arama owns Eden’s Boutique, Bed and Breakfast style luxury accommodation business in Had Nes, on the Golan Heights in Israel. Eden’s Boutique features a number of different kinds of luxury suites, suitable for couples or families no matter what their needs or personal preferences are. Had Nes also features plenty of activities and tourist sites.

Itzhak, could you let us know more about your background and how you started Eden’s Boutique?

I am married with three children. About two years ago we moved to the Golan Heights, to the tourist town of Had Nes. After many years in Tel Aviv, we wanted more of a feeling of nature around us. I have always dreamed of running a hotel, and fortunately I found an amazing combined property – a small boutique hotel and house facing the Sea of ​​Galilee.

I immediately found out that running a business like this, even though it is small, requires a very good marketing system otherwise no one will know about the charming hotel. My profession Is Command and control systems (smart homes), so I turned to the field of building websites and promotion (SEO).

I was amazed to discover a world I was not aware of, and I became addicted to the challenges that Google poses.

Why do you think Had Nes is such a great destination for holidays?

Geographical location, and the history of the place. The tourist town of Had Nes is located about 1 km from the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee and about 500 meters from the Jordan River, surrounded by many nature reserves such as the Hexagons Pool, the Jordan Park, the Yehudiya River Nature Reserve, etc. It is noteworthy that Had Nes is located in the heart of Christian holy sites such as Kfar Nahum National Park, St. Peters Church, the Mount of Beatitudes, Migdal, Tiberias and Nazareth.

The weather is excellent, and the region features green spaces, the clear air of the Golan Heights, and many springs of water all year round because of the melting snow on Mount Hermon.

Millions of visitors visit northern Israel each year, from all over the world. The most common option here for accommodation is of course “Zimmer” but in Had Nes, all the accommodation is at such a high level that it even exceeds 5-star hotels. Whether you want luxury suites with spa facilities or accommodation and spa packages, at the attractions here in Had Nes you will find everything you are after.

When people ask where to stay in Had Nes, what do you recommend?

There are many different resorts in Had Nes, which all include warm service and the highest level of hospitality at a reasonable price even though the value of the resort is usually higher than what the hotels charge.

Each resort has a heated pool, a private jacuzzi in the suites, a sauna, an espresso machine, a bottle of champagne, pampering breakfasts served in the suite, and especially quiet and fun with many places of entertainment.

What are the types of rooms you have made available?

Each suite was inspired by another place in the world.

Japanese Suite: Two-room suite in a modern Japanese design, in red and black colors – a suite suitable for families.

The Antique Suite: Prestigious suite for couples, Provencal style, with fireplace and views to of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The Modern Suite: mainly for couples, isolated and romantic, designed in modern Israeli style with a four-poster bed.

The Moroccan Suite: An impressive oriental suite that has been praised by visitors to the B & B; a very romantic space.

The Spontaneous Suite: a suite That nothing in her design had happened spontaneously and designed in a young style; for couples only.

All suites have a kitchenette, a private balcony, free parking, and access to the spa area 24/7 at no additional cost.

What kind of dining experiences can people look forward to?

We provide mainly rich and indulgent breakfasts, which are served to the suite at a time convenient for vacationers.

Each suite has a kitchenette with a mini fridge with free soft drinks, milk, and tea and coffee making facilities, including an espresso machine. There is also a bottle of wine or champagne; a kitchenette equipped with a professional grill, a bread baking tabun, an industrial refrigerator, a gas hob and a microwave. Another dinner option is a nearby restaurant.

What are the most popular attractions available during a stay at Had Nes?

The most popular attraction is riding on terrain ATVs, so you can feel the area and explore the nature reserves and driving trails in the water surrounded by vegetation. And of course there are many other attractions such as: rafting in the Jordan River, horseback riding, paintball, and too many other options to list!

Thank you for speaking to us Ithzak! If you want to find out more or book a stay at Eden’s Boutique, check out Ithzak’s website here.

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