Is MindStir Media the best choice of publishing company for Australian authors?

Australian authors that are looking to have their manuscripts prepared for publishing adequately must carefully select a publishing company that has their best interests at heart. MindStir Media is one such publishing company that has emerged as an industry leader in Australia and around the world. The editing, publishing, and distribution services that they offer Australian authors are unparalleled, making them one of the top choices of publishing company in Australia.

As a company that promotes self publishing, MindStir Media is attractive to authors due to the creative control and freedom that it allows them. Authors care deeply about their manuscripts and it is important to them that they do not end up in the hands of a publishing company that is going to disregard the vision they have for their book. MindStir Media works closely with authors to make their visions a reality and are experts when it comes to navigating the Australian market.

MindStir Media offers comprehensive services to all of its clients and has a range of packages on offer to suit an author’s unique needs. Depending on what you require from a publishing service, you can choose packages ranging from $1,799 to $25,999. One of the biggest benefits of MindStir Media as a company is the hybrid method that they employ. The combination of self publishing methods and traditional publishing methods allow authors to have control throughout the process. The packages allow you freedom of creativity and also give you the opportunity to retain up to 100% of the royalties from the sales that your book is bound to make.

Depending on which package you select, you are able to get services such as mentoring, editing, custom book design, printing, distribution, marketing and PR. If selecting more comprehensive packages you may also get benefits such as ghostwriting services or endorsement from notable figures in the literature world. With MindStir Media you are guaranteed expert navigation of the Australian market and distribution through major Australian retailers. The PR outreach also means that your book will be placed on notable Australian news channels for Australian readers from all across the country to see.

MindStir Media authors are some of the most successful in Australia due to the extensive promotion the company gives their book. Their services ensure that your book reaches its full potential and secures a spot as an Australian best seller.

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