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There are a lot of lawyers in Sydney, you only need to have a look on Google to find the sheer number of different professionals that are aching for cases and your attention – it can get quite overwhelming and simply enough to shut down entirely rather than traipse through the noise.

When you require some assistance with mediating any litigious matter and are not sure where to go or who to turn to – you’re not alone. With so many people online recommending different law firms for different reasons, there is a good reason why so many people are often overwhelmed with the choices available.

This is why the people at O’Sullivan Mediation have made such an incredulous mark on the landscape in such a short amount of time.

With some of the best and most experienced minds in law at the helm, there is something to be said about such a successful turnaround of happy clients from both sides of an argument.

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O’Sullivan Mediation makes their mark known from the get-go with a straightforward and clear-minded process of proposal for mediation services. Once the initial terms are agreed upon between the two parties, they are then free to select an appropriate mediator to conduct the proceedings. The type of mediator required will largely depend on the parties involved and the nature of the differences.

A good mediator has the understanding and necessary knowhow to effective steer the process towards a more logical, sustainable, and agreeable end.

This is where you find…

With O’Sullivan Mediators, you’re not only going to have a professional and experienced mediator at the helm of your dispute, but also one that has an empathetic ear and mind for keeping focus when situations become emotionally compromising.

The essence of mediation is mutual agreement, and the first agreement that can be made is in choosing a representative like O’Sullivan Mediators.

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“There is really good family mediation service. These mediators are pretty professional. Thank you” Sheldon Clark – source

“I got good outcome from my mediation” Paul Morelli – source

“They have pretty good mediation services. I used them last week. I am happy with the outcome. I highly recommend this place.” Lee Boon – source

O'Sullivan Mediation Reviews


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