Is Sean Borg shopping for an RV? The Trivago guy is spotted eyeing up a pricey motorhome!

Is entertainment personality Sean Borg growing bored with hotel living?

The former ‘TMZ on TV’ reporter — turned ‘Trivago guy’ was spotted near Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley earlier this week, checking out some fancy new RVs.

We’re not suggesting Sean is planning a life on the road, but if these pictures are anything to on, he seems to have something big up his sleeve.

It was reported recently the travel and lifestyle expert is in talks with ‘Netflix’ to host a new travel show. Perhaps living on the road in an RV might have something to do with it? RVing seems to be the latest craze sweeping the celebrity world, with stars spending hundreds of thousand on luxury homes on wheels.

Jim Beck and Sean Borg
“Motorhome” Jim shows Sean some fancy RVs in Palm Desert

The popular Brit’, who is known for his love of travel and adventure, currently lives between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. In our exclusive paparazzi set, you can clearly see the TV personality checking out the price tag of a Fleetwood Southwind 34c ‘Class A’ motor home that appears to be on sale. The giant coach is down from $200k to a cool $142k (USD) — followed by a more modestly priced Winnebago Itasca ‘Class A’, coming in at a mere $90k (USD). Strewth, that’s a lot of Aussie dollars!

Being part of the RV community isn’t quite how we see Sean Borg. He is usually living the glamorous lifestyle on red carpets, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Lady Victoria Hervey, and Paris Hilton. So, it’s hard to imagine him hitting the road in a trendy bus! We’re just dying to know how the rig looks inside!

Sean Borg RV Shopping
Stepping out in-style! Sean’s eyeing up a Fleetwood Southwind 34c Class A motor home

The salesman pictured next to Borg is a guy called Jim Beck — a well-known RV dealer whose nickname is — “Motor-home Jim.” 

We’re not sure if Sean has actually bought anything yet, but he was at the dealership two days in a row being shown various RVs by Mr. Beck.

Sean’s second choice is a more modestly priced Winnebago ‘Itasca’ Class A coming in at a cool $90k
Sean’s second choice is a more modestly priced Winnebago ‘Itasca’ Class A coming in at a cool $90k

We reached out to Sean’s rep in the U.S, who confirmed, he is indeed buying an RV, but she said: “It’s all part of a new project he is currently working on. Though during production, he will be living in the RV, it won’t be his full-time home. Only when he is on the road filming.”

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