5 practical steps to improve your website’s authority

Domain authority plays a great role in defining the credibility of a website. This very metric is developed by Moz and is considered an important factor in the world of search engine optimization. The better your DA is, the more likely is your website to gain strong traffic and a high rank on the SERPs.

Well, domain authority is something you can build by putting constant efforts into your SEO strategies. I am writing this article to let you all make familiar with the five practical steps which can help you build strong website authority. Before discussing those steps there are a few things you need to know:

Key facts about Domain Authority:

First off, there are a few key facts you need to know about Domain Authority. These facts will help you understand how you can improve your Domain authority:

  • Domain authority is dependent on several factors, including the importance of quality backlinks redirecting to your site and the authority of the websites from where those backlinks are generated.
  • It is nearly impossible to reach the mark of 100 DA. Only a handful of websites like Google and Facebook have it. So you better not be disappointed if you couldn’t get to that mark.
  • One cannot assure the increase in DA.

Now, what practices can help you improve the DA of a website?

How to improve the Domain authority of a website?

Coming on to the purpose of writing this article: How to improve domain authority of your website?

The most basic thing you need to do is creating a good linking profile, for which you need to do two things:

  1. Get rid of the bad/broken links
  2. Gain yourself quality backlinks

Getting rid of bad links is quite easy and straightforward. You can request their removal and in case of its failure you can disown them and it’s done.

The second thing, gaining yourself quality backlinks can be a little tricky. You can either get SEO services from an agency that has good relationships with quality websites. Although it is an expensive way, it really works well for the majority of the businesses. However, you can do it yourself as well by content marketing. Create high-quality content for your website and market it to gain quality backlinks.

In my opinion, content marketing is a solution to low DA sites. If used rightly, its potential can help you improve your website’s ranking significantly. Let’s discuss those five important steps which can help you improve your DA.

Step#1: Ensuring quality technical SEO:

meta title and description
Photo: Google search screenshot

Paying attention to all the technical aspects of SEO is necessary for a successful SEO strategy. Technical SEO is at the core of the DA improvement and without it, it is impossible to achieve high rankings. Optimizing your Robot.txt or mapping out a URL structure may seem like a difficult task but it is really important for effective SEO. Site structure, site navigation, URL structure, Meta tags, keywords, alt texts, etc. everything requires content marketing as well as SEO. Making your Technical SEO up to the par is necessary to gain yourself high DA.

Step#2: Create quality content for linking:

4 trendy ways to make your content more powerful
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Content provides a lot of opportunities to generate quality links for your website. Linkable content has a direct impact on the DA of a website. For example, Cox TV has its package deals information available on all the major platforms which makes it a credible website. In addition to this,  the company is providing linkable content to the relevant websites which are increasing its visibility and exposure and, is helping readers with their queries.

Cox Communications can also utilize guides like “how to find yourself high-speed internet” etc. to get themselves quality backlinks.

Step#3: Internal linking of the website:

internal links example

Internal linking of the website plays an important role to gain yourself high DA. It is an overlooked area in the world of SEO which has a direct impact on the website’s DA. Interlinking tailors a powerful network within your website which allows crawlers to crawl and index your website. A site lacking internal linking is like a scattered family that is detached and weak. On the other hand, a website that includes meaningful internal links is like a strong family which stands resolute with each other no matter what.

Step#4: Regularly eliminate bad backlinks:

Link building for SEO
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Eliminate bad/broken backlinks on a regular basis. This will help you maintain a healthy backlink profile and get you quality links which contribute towards the well-being of your website. Checking your backlink profile every now and then is important. It helps you identify bad backlinks which are poisoning your backlink profile. Audit of backlink profiles is vital for the DA of your website.

Step#5: Be patient:

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Being patient is important in the world of SEO. If you’re following the aforementioned steps already then be patient as your DA will get a boost. Another very important factor for the DA is the domain age of your website. The older the domain, the better the domain authority. In order to find the age of your web site’s domain, you can utilize domain age tools available online.

Domain age doesn’t directly affect the DA of a website. However, if it contains outdated content, cruddy backlink profile and utilizes malicious SEO techniques then it will lose its DA.

In the end, I’d like to say that you will find several content pieces online explaining how you can improve your DA effectively. Nevertheless, I assure you performing these five steps will provide better results than those techniques. These are the core tactics which have a direct impact on the DA and helps boost it gradually and effectively.

Robert James
Robert James
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