How you can improve your call centre’s service quality

Founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford once said that quality means doing it right when no one is looking. This is something that every business should live by in order to thrive and win the trust of customers. You may be meeting and greeting every need and aspiration of your customers but behind their back are you the one that you claim?

Quality service isn’t delivered when all you wish to do is beguile your customers, it is delivered with a pure intent to give value for money. The reason is you can fool someone once, they will believe but do it repeatedly and they will catch you and never trust again.

Businesses should wish to not just make customers but patrons who trust and recommend them. This is the success that can survive the stiffest market competition, without fading away.

Service quality in call centres

Running a call centres is a hard nut to crack when it comes to satisfying a customers and there is absolutely no scope for making errors. Considering the fact that businesses from various verticals outsource their processes to call centres, the need for quality service is inescapable. Both outbound and inbound call centres are expected to render the highest quality of service, satisfying customers with diligent support via various touch points.

Failing to maintain quality in the rendered services, dooms the future of a call centre. Just like every business, a contact centre’s success heavily depends on how the customers perceive it. So, if the service quality degrades at any point, the customers will certainly be annoyed; no one comes to a business premises and says that here take my money, now dissatisfy me.

Let’s take a look at some key measures that both outbound and inbound call centres can take in order to deliver quality services.

Recruiting the best

Firstly, it is vital that contact centres invest in recruiting the best talent in the industry. The employees of a call centre or any other organization are a crucial reason behind its success. No matter how advanced the technology is within a call centre, without a force of competent agents delivering quality services isn’t really possible.

The recruitment process in a contact process should be designed to sieve through big and small groups of candidates to pick the most competent ones. The candidature of the applicants should be relevant to the process he/she is being recruited to.

Apart from this, whether you are hiring for an inbound call centre or outbound contact centre, it is crucial to make sure that the candidate is credible. Searching his past records and employment experiences is essential to hire a dependable and efficient work resource in a call centre.

Training customer service specialists

After hiring, training is where an agent’s skills can be polished and perfected as per the requirement of the assigned process. This is the reason why top call centre outsourcing service providers all across the globe, invest in the training process of agents.

Without the relevant training and guidance, agents will not be able to perform to their full potential and deliver quality service. The renowned inbound call centres that make training a crucial part of their work process are destined to succeed.

Monitoring calls & communications

There are a lot of glitches and errors that can go unnoticed if the communications in a call centre aren’t analysed regularly. Inspecting the interactions between agents and customers can help contact centres attain valuable insights on how to enhance the overall productivity of various processes.

Call centres should regularly monitor the interactions commenced by agents as well as inbound communications. This can help them not just keep a track of all the possible glitches but also counter issues head-on. Monitoring processes and communications is an effective way to enhance the overall efficiency of a call centre and render quality service.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

These business metrics help in evaluating parameters that can assess the success of an organisation. They are deployed to assess the overall performance of a business and the productivity of various processes.

Some of the key KPIs in a call centre include Cost per Call, Call Abandon Rates, First Call Resolution Rate, Call Completion Rate, and Queue Time. Examining the KPIs and working on them to bring about the required amendments sure can help in improving the service quality.

Checking the attrition rate

The attrition rate in a call centre is a result of factors like high work pressure, failing to meet the targets, tiredness, irritability, etc. Besides these, hectic work schedule and the rotational work shifts often take a toll on the mental as well as physical health of agents. This naturally affects the service quality of a call centre.

So, it is vital that the agents are counselled from time to time and are rewarded for good work. This will motivate them to perform better and will gradually raise the performance benchmark. Apart from all this, facilities and perks like meals, Medicaid, and performance bonus can also help call centres reduce the attrition rate and retain employees.

Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell
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