3 Big benefits of outsourcing customer service to call centres

At a time when competition among companies is touching new heights, it is important to stay focused on core competencies. However, it doesn’t mean that businesses can ignore received support requests because if they do, the problem of customer turnover is more likely to take place. This is certainly not good for the business’s overall productivity.

To ensure that customer service department gets handled appropriately, firm owners generally decide to outsource call centre services. Owing to this wise decision, they enjoy smooth business growth. It is so because outsourcing companies always ensure that their clients never get a chance to complain. What’s more, business process outsourcing firms often try to set new records in terms of the quality of customer care services.

Unlike multinational corporations, small business owners are yet to understand the significance of BPO companies. Thereby, the former often try to handle customer service requests by running an in-house call centre. Due to lack of experience, however, small businesses fail to deliver and lose customers’ loyalty.

Here are the three major pros of approaching outsourcing companies that would definitely be an eye-opener for those businesses that prefer to run an in-house call centre:

Direct access to support agents

To cater to customers’ needs perfectly, the major required resource is ‘A team of dexterous support agents.’ It is so because there would be no point to possessing state-of-the-art technology if you don’t have skilled people to use it. In addition, the quality of customer service heavily depends on the skillset of support agents.

Getting a myriad of support agents on board can affect the business’s bottom line as you have to invest a big chunk of money in the hiring and training process. What’s more, if the trained support agent leaves after a short time, the need for a huge investment of money would surely arise. And continuously investing in the hiring and training can certainly shake up the profit levels.

Here, the prominence of well-known outsourcing companies gets increased as they have a large team of adroit support agents at the disposal. That means businesses can get direct access to deft support agents by simply deciding to outsource customer care services.

In a nutshell, availing services from BPO companies is the best option that business owners have got.

24/7 assistance

In this day and age, customers are deemed as a factor that can unlock revenue generating opportunities for business owners. According to reports, 55% of customers spend more money if a company promises delivery of quality support service at the time of need. Furthermore, better customer retention rate ameliorates profit levels from 25% to 95%.

Therefore, it is significant for companies to not give customers any reason to criticise the brand. For this, offering 24/7 assistance is paramount. However, this isn’t an easy job as you must have support agents working in two or three shifts for the sake of handling customer service queries round-the-clock. At this juncture, running an in-house call centre doesn’t seem a sagacious decision.

Here, outsourcing companies come to rescue as they have a mammoth experience in handling support requests 24/7. In addition, BPO companies offer their around-the-clock support service at a pocket-friendly price. Of course, this factor can’t be ignored.


Scalability is the other major factor that draws the attention to outsourcing companies. This factor can’t be taken lightly because the volume of customer service queries fluctuates throughout the day, and such oscillations can be handled if you have a large workforce with you.

Usually, companies that run an in-house call centre have limited support agents to handle customer service queries. During peak hours, they face unnecessary hassle and struggle to deliver splendid support experience. During off-peak hours, moreover, they have to pay to those agents who sit idle. In short, both understaffing and overstaffing can create problems for productivity.

Here, letting BPO companies handle customer support requests could be very beneficial for businesses as the former doesn’t encounter scalability issue owing to a large workforce and vast industrial experience.

Hence, if you are a business owner and willing to ensure that your customers always get customised support experience, make contact with any recognised business process outsourcing companies ASAP.

Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell
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