How to shop on a budget – 7 stores for children’s clothing in Perth

Bringing up a child is not only challenging but also expensive. From buying nappies to storybooks, school essentials and more, the costs can add up quickly. For a couple who has two children, the costs of living in Perth can be labeled high with at least $825 being required on a daily basis.

This is why it is essential to plan your family’s expenditure in depth and chalk out a proper savings strategy. While you cannot compromise on some things such as health, education, transport, you can save money on apparel and the like.

How much does raising children in Australia cost?

According to Stockspot, bringing up a child in Australia cost $406,022 in 2012. Clothing accounted for 6% of the total sum following transport, food, housing, recreation, and childcare. It costed more than even a child’s education, which was responsible for 5% of the entire costs.

Saving money on children’s clothing

As mentioned above, kids’ clothes shopping eats up a lot of money. However, there are several ways money-savvy parents can stay within their budget. To save, shopping can be done from consignment stores, garage sales, eBay, and other such options. If you’d rather stick to fresh pieces, go for coupons and voucher codes to buy things on slashed down prices. These can be found on the social media channels of brands, in their newsletters, and on couponing sites. You can also enroll in rewards’ programs to get exclusive deals.

Several brands offer sales many times in a year. At the very least, clearance sales are run once annually. Wondering where to shop from? Let’s walk you through 7 Perth-based stores for children’s clothing. We’ve also discussed the best ways you can save from these stores.

1 – Cotton On Kids

Cotton On is an Australian retail store with outlets around the world. Cotton On Kids doesn’t only have clothing for children but it also has stationery, gifts, accessories and a lot more for your little ones. You can either shop in-store or visit the website online. The after pay facility is also available. Cotton On brands includes Typo, Ruby, Cotton On Baby and Cotton On Lost among others.

The best part? Cotton On Kids has some pretty cool deals. What’s more, you can subscribe to the newsletter which can keep you informed about upcoming sales along with giving you a $10 voucher.

2 – Culture Kings

Culture Kings is a one-of-a-kind store in Western Australia that offers clothes related to sports, fashion, and music for kids as well as for men and women. Footwear, headwear, and accessories can also be found here along with apparel. Even celebrities have visited this retail store in Perth where brands like Flia, Adidas, Dr. Martens, Lacoste, Nike, etc. can be found.

You can also get your hands on Culture Kings gift cards. To get discounts one can collect Culture King coupons from various couponing sites.

3 – Merry-Go-Round

Merry-Go-Round is a children’s clothing boutique based in Wembley, Perth. This store houses pre-lived, secondhand clothes, footwear, books, and toys for kids on its shelves. Don’t worry, though, there is no compromise on quality. Since all the items are recycled, everything is affordable as it is. However, you can make purchases at further reduced prices during clearance sales.

To stay in the loop about when a sale is being run, follow Merry-Go-Round on Instagram where it shares updates about discounts. You can also sell your child’s used clothing to the store.

4 – Seed

Another store from where you can purchase your kid’s clothes is Seed. This store doesn’t only cater to children but to women and babies as well. From vintage designs to modern ones, you can find a huge variety here. Overall, you can notice that the clothing of Seed is simple and stylish. The quality of each product is amazing as well. You can also find accessories for both kids as well as adults here.

Many people think that Seed is a bit on the costly side. However, if you want to purchase items on reduced prices be sure to glimpse at the sale section whether you’re shopping in person or online.

5 – Kids In The City

A family-run business based in Perth, Kids In The City brings brands that are from Europe to Australia. Brands like Mitch & Son, Sarah Louise, and Tutto Piccolo can be found here. The clothing range is for kids in the age bracket of 0 to 12 years. Clothing for both boys and girls is available for all the seasons. Accessories can also be found in this store.

If you are on a budget and would like for the prices to be lower, you can go for sale items. Kids In The City has Twitter and Facebook pages where you can find discount-related announcements.

6 – Twinkle Toes On The Go

If you are looking for fancy and trendy clothes for your little girls, this is the place to head to. Twinkle Toes On The Go has casual clothing on its racks as well. And don’t let the girly vibe fool you into thinking that this store has nothing for the young men in your family. It also offers boys clothing. Moreover, you can also find shoes for your kids here.

Gifts and toys can be bought from Twinkle Toes On The Go too. Brands available include Petite Adele, Hayden La, Dozer, etc. You can find some great percent-off deals here as well.

7 – Next

An international brand, Next has an outlet in Perth as well. Here you can get clothes for your kids as well as for yourself. All types of accessories are available from bags, shoes, underwear to tights, socks, etc. for children and adults. Brands stocked at this retail chain include Adidas, Lipsy, Bianca, Dorothy Perkins, Emma Shipley, etc.

To sum up, shopping and saving can go hand in hand. The best way you can buy quality clothing for your children on discounted prices is by shopping during sale season or by using coupons and promo codes.

Being a known brand, you can find several vouchers for shopping from Next at reduced prices online. Mostly on event days, good discounts are run.


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