How to know if a conveyancing specialist is required

While some buyers and sellers of property will rely on real estate agents, others decide to bring a conveyancing specialist to the table.

They are able to view the market from a holistic perspective, understanding what trends are emerging and what constitutes a fair deal for individuals and families.

We will outline some key examples where a conveyancing specialist is required for local clients.

Example 1: The housing market is too complex to understand

There are moments when local residents want to find an opportunity in the market, but won’t know quite where to look or how to conduct their search. Without tangible data and up-to-date information to utilise, the buying and selling exercise can feel like an uphill battle. This is where the involvement of a conveyancing specialist comes into play, providing tangible information and insights into current trends that offer leverage for domestic operators. When there is a lack of understanding about a certain region and where there are opportunities, this is where their services become particularly valuable.

Example 2: Real estate agents are interfering & overly influencing

Not every real estate agent acts for their own vested interests, but some operators are placed on commission contracts where their incentive is to expedite a transaction. With the involvement of a trusted conveyancing specialist who knows their role, they can act as an intermediary between the client and the real estate agent. This will free up additional time to conduct their research, make a decision without their involvement, taking their opinion out of the equation and lowering costs as well. Agents in these settings can interfere with a smooth process, even if that is not their intention.

Example 3: Contract terms don’t seem right

There will be occasions for homebuyers and sellers in the market where they come across a proposal and contract terms are put on the table, but there are stipulations and provisions that don’t feel right. Whether they appear too vague to ascertain or they feel overzealous where too much responsibility rests on their shoulders, there will be moments where constituents want to secure a second opinion by an operator who has an eye for detail. The involvement of a conveyancing specialist in this setting is perfect, allowing for local residents to have an objective reading of the contract terms, determining what is fair and legal and where some alterations could be made in the client’s favour. Their legal background and knowledge of the property market are two elements that will help to inform these actions.

Example 4: There is a threat of litigation

Should any legal dispute emerge over the course of a property transaction, then a conveyancing specialist will be able to manage this affair for their client. There are some circumstances where a solicitor will need to be referred, but in many situations they will understand the terms that have been finalised, what constitutes a legal document and what bounds an individual has to file a claim or make an accusation against another party. The last concern any citizen wants in these circumstances is to be fighting a legal battle, so the inclusion of a conveyancer will help to cover all the appropriate details.

Example 5: Assets & transactions need to be protected

Financial management is another key role that a conveyancing specialist will be able to provide for their clients. From the terms of the mortgage to the possession and management of the contract of sale, constituents will want to have an experienced and reliable partner on their side to minimise monetary and security risks. Buyers and sellers in these situations will have peace of mind knowing that there is an operator covering these crucial details on their behalf, ensuring they are paying fair rates or receiving the right funds for their investment.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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