How to generate leads through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best marketing tools and also one of the least used. Lack of or limited information about how the platform operates is a major drawback when it comes to the effective utilization of the platform. If properly used, LinkedIn has a high potential of landing your company the right audience and consequently convert more leads.

One of the reasons you should make LinkedIn a primary part of your marketing strategy is the wide array of robust analytics tools it has. The network provides free access to tools which help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. But how do you generate b2b or b2c leads on LinkedIn?

  1. Relevant Information and Content

For your profile to stand out in the industry, you should provide comprehensive information about what you do. Apart from text, you can also include a short commercial (preferably less than 1 minute in length). You should ensure that the basic questions about your company are answered through your profile. Your tagline should also offer a clue about the services you offer.

One aspect of LinkedIn is that it rewards activity. Therefore, you should contribute regularly to relevant topics. Include hashtags that will help to push your brand and do your best to actively engage with topics relevant to your niche.

Another important aspect of lead generation through LinkedIn is profile optimization. You should use the right keywords when setting up your profile to increase visibility.

  1. Advertising

As you focus on advertisements through other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn is also a viable option. The most interesting feature about the LinkedIn audience is their segmentation. Unlike other social media platforms, you can easily target specific industries and the professionals that occupy them. Most users are generous with information about their profession, career, employer, and experience on LinkedIn,

By leveraging this voluntarily provided data, it is easy to increase the possibility of conversion through LinkedIn. This type of laser-focused targeting comes in handy when you want to avoid wasting ad spend on irrelevant audiences that won’t convert.

  1. Direct Messaging

There are several ways you can contact your target on LinkedIn – but how do you send direct messages to 3rd tier connections? You can use the InMail option (which is a premium service) that allows you to send direct messages to the connections of your connections.

You can also identify the groups they are in and join. If you share a group with your target, you can go to the group home page and message them directly. One of the best things about the InMail option is that it eliminates the arbitrary character limit on your message.

When sending direct messages, it is advisable to give details about your company to avoid seeming like spam and getting ignored straight away.

  1. Increase your Connections

You should build a good number of connections. However, you should be very specific about the connections you build. Connect with people who are potential clients instead of sending out random connection requests. One of the strategies you can use is connecting with your competitors’ connect list.

To do this, visit the profile of your competitors’ and identify their most relevant connections. Send requests to active users who may be interested in your service. You should also join groups that are relevant to your industry, and you can also follow pages and hashtags which are within your niche.

  1. Contribution and Engagement

As earlier noted, LinkedIn rewards activity and engagement. You should give regular updates and celebrate the success of other people. You can also give recommendations to your connections and employees to increase your visibility. When making posts, you should optimize them with the relevant hashtags.

Another underutilized LinkedIn feature is writing articles – so try commissioning captivating articles that can generate traffic for your website. Insert relevant hyperlinks to your website but avoid excessive linking (they will make your article look spammy).

LinkedIn is an effective lead generation tool if effectively utilized. Because most companies have limited resources of time to invest in LinkedIn engagement, a lot of them use Kennected. This software interacts with your potential clients and keeps your audience engaged automatically, based on your pre-defined criteria.

If you want to see results in LinkedIn lead generation, Kennected should be part of your strategy. This LinkedIn automation software comes in handy in reaching the optimal target for your product or service. Instead of spending several hours on lead generation (which could be spent elsewhere), this software does everything to ensure the right connections without you needing to lift a finger.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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