How to find a reliable local electrician?

Whenever you hire an electrician, you should make sure that you hire only the best because it deals with everyday aspects and also life-and-death.

A badly done electrical job can prove to be fatal, so it is important that you avoid hiring sub-standard or under-qualified electricians. Here are a few tips that will help you to find a reputed local electrician.

10 Tips for finding a reliable local electrician

#1 Ask people you know

This might seem like an obvious way but it is also the most effective way of getting first-hand and reliable recommendations. You can ask your neighbours, friends, and external family about the electrician they use. If you like their work and think that they are reputed, you can consider hiring them.

#2 Refer to classified ads

Earlier classified ads were limited to yellow pages. Now they are also available online. They would list all the reliable and reputed local businesses across various categories. You can shortlist a few electricians from the classified ads and call them up to discuss your electrical project.

#3 Google

You can also search online to find an electrician in your city or locality. Google will give you a lot of relevant results, which you can further sift through with the help of “Google Business Listings.” These are verified business listings, with the business’ respective phone numbers, address, email IDs, and website URL. It also includes reviews of their previous customers.

#4 Local electrical repair shops

Electrical repair shops in your locality tend to hire a few full-time electricians for their work or they even liaison with a few electricians on a regular basis. Since they work in the electrical industry, their recommendations are the most reliable.

You can visit a nearby repair shop and collect a few visiting cards with contact details of local electricians.

#5 Electrical trade unions

Most of the industries have their own trade unions, which connects all the members and professionals who work in that industry. The electrical trade union is a good starting point to get an access to thousands of reputed electrician. You can shortlist them per your job needs and locality.

#6 Interior designer/architect

If you are working with an interior designer or an architect for a larger project, of which electrical work is just one part, then you can consider hiring the same team of electricians.

Since they frequently work on large-scale professional projects, their skills would be worth the fee. They will also have a sense of designing and layout and can help you to get high-quality work done on your project.

#7 Job boards

There are many online Job Boards where you can post ads for handyman and technical tasks. It includes areas such as AC Repair Work, Plumbing, Car Mechanic, Geyser Repairing, and Electrical work among other tasks.

You can post your job requirement and the electricians who are active on their forum will reach out to you with their proposal and quote. This is a quick way of getting your work done.

#8 Online ads

Many websites exist solely for the purpose of posting ads. One such very famous site is Craigslist where you can post ads for your electrical project along with detailed or brief requirements.

The interested electricians will reply to your ad and you can take the conversation further by either meeting in person to discuss the project scope or by having a phone call.

#9 Newspapers

Even though a bit old way of getting things done, it still works as a means to get the right qualified person today. Newspapers have a section called Classified Ads where you can also post your own ad.

You can also scan the whole section because the electricians themselves might have posted ads about their services. So you can also directly contact them.

#10 Electrical companies

Lastly, you can also consider reaching out to electrical contracting companies, who usually have a full-time team of electricians on their payroll. After explaining your project requirements, you can ask them for a quote. And if it fits your budget, you can work with their team of electricians.

Elley Santhow
Elley Santhow
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