Finding a residential electrician in your area

When you need the services of a residential electrician, finding the right one is crucial to your own confidence and the long term quality of the job.

Putting in adequate research prior to hiring a professional is going to go a long way to ensuring that the job is done well and at a reasonable cost. Below are ten handy tips that you should follow when you want to find a quality residential electrician.

Ask your neighbor

This is the fastest and most reliable way to find the right residential electrical contractor. Homeowners generally hire individuals for the electrical jobs. However, before hiring, it is important to ask for quote and what types of jobs they can do.

In case you find the price too high then you can ask your neighbors who have taken their services to know if their work is worth the price.  It’s a good practice to discuss everything with the serviceman and hire only when you are satisfied.

Yellow pages

Local business directories are a classic yet powerful way to quickly find an electrician. These directories can help you find the right service provider in your area. Their contact numbers are published on such directories.

You need to first shortlist 2-3 numbers and call them one by one, asking the general questions related to rates, timeline and experience in handling such jobs.

Online search

This is the fastest and most convenient way to search through several agencies and hire the best one. Though you will need basic internet skills to search online but it is worth doing, as you get the time to research and decide.

Many service companies, even some individuals, provide an option to send an inquiry online and get a free quote. Not all service provides own a website. But, you can reach them through their social media pages or online business directories.

Electrical store

This is the most reliable place to find a residential electrician. Many stores have their own permanent staffs to handle both product and service markets. They also keep visiting cards of nearby electricians who deal with electrical items daily and are in a better position to recommend serviceman. If you have a store nearby your home, feel free to ask them for advice.

Trade unions

This particular trade works in an organized way and all the people or agencies working in this field are part of some trade union. The union publishes an annual diary with contact details of members. You can refer to their directory. You can even call the office to get a recommendation for a residential electrician in your area.

Employment exchange

If you are happy to try a less conventional way to find the desired local contractor then using an employment exchange service is the way to go. It is a trustworthy way to find the person. You need to visit the local office and ask for the contact details. The self-employed individual usually registers themselves with such agency for the job.

Newspaper classified

Every morning you read the newspaper. Print media is the best way to get local news and even find a local skilled person for the job. You can easily find the contact details of the agency providing electrical related services.


If you are looking for individual residential electrician, then craigslist is the best way to search the right person. People publish their free ads on such lists and it is really easy to search and filter according to the location.

Post a job

Whilst this may seem rather unconventional, it can be a good way of saving money as you can reach some high quality businesses that are in need of some free promotion. If the job is big enough, it may be worth posting in the local newspaper or trying to get a shout out on a local radio.

Utility consultant

This method is for those people who do not have the time or may not be fully acquainted with electrical jobs and the best professional for the job. You can hire a local utility consultant who will hire residential electrician on your behalf based on your requirement and budget.

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