Contour better in 5 easy steps

What is contouring? It’s the best way to enhance facial features by creating a definition to illuminate and give a more sleek and sculpted look. The basic trick is to use the right product in the right order. So here is a 20 minute routine that will make contouring look effortless.

Make a list of the essentials before starting:

  1. Primer – If you’re looking for long lasting make up.
  2. Foundation – Use a solid foundation for flawless contouring.
  3. Concealer – To reduce the spots left behind by blemishes and breakouts.
  4. Contouring products – Such as contouring powder that is two shades darker than the skin tone. Concealer for contouring that is also two shades darker than the original skin tone.
  5. Highlighter – Something to highlight and accentuate the parts of the face such as corners of the eye, cupid’s bows, sides of the cheeks and the chin.
  6. Application / blending tools – Contouring brush, highlighter brush, blender brush and beauty blender/ sponge. Use these products well to make sure that make up is evenly distributed.


It is done to add definition to facial features and the key is to find out the shape of the face that needs contouring. For every shape there is a different placement of highlight and contour. There are 6 face shapes to consider, oval, long, round, square, heart and diamond.

Apply a coat of concealer generously to ensure that the skin tone is made even. It’s best used under the eyes or any part of the face that looks like it’s been shadowed. It has to be spread evenly and make sure to apply it using fingers and not the tube to ensure that the product is used to its requirement and no more than that.  There is an option to use cream based or powder based ones depending on the skin type.


Highlighting gives skin what looks like a very natural glow. It makes the face look more youthful and fresh. For best results apply cream eyeliner to the corners of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and the chin. Blend it using your fingers before applying foundation. Pick a foundation that is non greasy and something that blends well.

A good base foundation is the most essential part of contouring owing to the fact that it holds all the other products in. Make sure to apply the foundation after using a concealer to create a better effect. Don’t go for pricey products make sure to buy something that best suits the need. There are good foundations available at reasonable prices.


Apply a bronzer on the balls of the cheek and extend it up to the cheek bone. Make sure not to over use the product that will only reduce the effect of contouring. Apply a light blush that is subtle on the skin tone.  A soft and warm effect is the idea behind using a blush using a darker colour will look very artificial and softer shades will make it more natural.

Starting from the edge of the eyebrow draw lines on wither sides of the nose with a concealer after which it is to be blended with a bronzer to make the look more natural. It is best to use a lighter concealer in between the eyebrows. An easy tip is to make a “3” on your face with a bronzer starting a bump on your forehead to the cheekbone and then continuing to the sides of the chin.


Blending may sound easy but it takes the method of trial and error to master the art of blending. Contouring involves creating a lot of hard lines on the face after which it is time to blend it of them together.

Use a brush or a sponge to blend. It is important to make sure to use the best products available during blending because it is the key factor to making contouring and highlighting look the best.

A good recommendation is to use BB cream powder on the forehead nose and chin to keep the make-up intact. It blends well and looks sheer giving long lasting results.  Make sure you do the same to the neck region as well so that it is spread across evenly. Apply a bronzer on top of your neckline that will accentuate the collar bones also remember to apply a highlighter beneath the collar bones to complete the look.

Final Touch

After contouring make sure to apply eye makeup and lipstick. Use a good setting spray that will make make-up last more than a couple of minutes. It will also give a natural look and avoid instances of make up looking cake-y. An important tip to remember before you contour and highlight is the best brush or sponge because it is all about blending everything together.

Buy good quality make-up brushes. Choose from a variety of brushes available that best suits your need. An angled contour brush is best for cheekbones while kabuki brushes are the best for blending the contour reducing the appearance of harsh lines.

Use fan brushes to best suit highlighting needs. It is important to buy good quality products so that it is applied evenly throughout the face and forms a perfect outline while contouring.

Contouring is all about highlighting those parts that needs extra attention and hiding something that doesn’t need much attention. There are all kinds of products available in the market from the very high end fashion brands, pharmacy products, glossy and matte finishes so on and so forth. While choosing the right product make sure to keep it simple by choosing the best that suits the skin tone.

Rosemary Mathew
Rosemary Mathew
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