How to choose an enterprise video streaming platform

Enterprise Video Platforms (EVPs) are video communication solutions for both live streaming and Video On Demand. Their video software can be hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premises. EVPs are generally used for corporate learning, social intranet, live video streaming, and customer support. Enterprise video solutions not only facilitate external and internal corporate videos but also fulfil the individual requirements for businesses.

 Why use an enterprise video platform

Videos are the preferred mode of communication in both the business and social world. Videos are engaging, influential, and help interpret the information better. As a result, businesses are now incorporating enterprise video management systems more than ever.

A Cisco report suggests that the increasing use of video is estimated to result in roughly 90% of all the online consumer traffic by 2021.

But this high volume of video content raises a data problem. Without a dedicated enterprise video management software, accessing, sorting, and managing these videos become a challenge for corporations. An enterprise video portal offers businesses secure access to a host of videos along with central video asset management, which, in turn, helps streamline business operations and boost ROI.  

Reason to choose an enterprise video streaming solution for your business

Did you know, videos make up one-third of online activities globally! From a business point of view, videos are crucial for engaging audiences. They are also proven to facilitate increased information retention.

Reports suggest that audiences can retain almost 90% content of a video as compared to only 10% of the text.

Thus, videos offer higher possibilities to businesses for connecting with their audiences. However, businesses require an efficient distribution of video data for generating effective results. And this is where an enterprise video streaming solution comes in.

The enterprise video streaming solution helps to maintain smooth data distribution and provide a secure video streaming option. It offers multiple benefits to users that enhance business functionalities.

Things to consider while choosing enterprise video streaming platform 

There are plenty of enterprise video streaming solutions available. But choosing the right one according to your business is what makes all the difference.

Here are some key factors to consider while looking for an enterprise video streaming platform. 

  1. Customizable:

Customization allows you to integrate various features that serve your individual business needs. You can personalize the video player as per your enterprise branding scheme to maintain a professional look. 

2. Security:

Protecting your content is always a priority with any streaming solution. You do not want your content to be shared or downloaded without your knowledge and permission. Yes, the Video Digital Rights Management (DRM) system helps to encrypt your videos and keep them secure. 

3. Video Hosting:

Your enterprise video streaming platform should offer reliable video hosting. It should be compatible and responsive to all platforms and possess the white-label capability. White-label allows you to host videos without the provider’s logo or branding and instead integrate your custom branding in the video.

4. Video CMS:

The enterprise video content management system (CMS) allows users to upload, manage, and organize their video libraries. It offers insights into the video’s performance and ensures effective integration of the particulars of individual content.

5. Content Delivery Network (CDN):

The video CDN helps you to distribute your multimedia content all across the globe quickly. CDN stores the content on multiple servers and delivers it to users from the server nearest to them, thus, minimizing video buffering. It also allows scalability while streamlining the content delivery process.

6. HTML5 All-Device Video Player:

HTML5 all-device video player is an essential feature of an enterprise video streaming service. It is a highly compatible video player that supports all devices from desktops to smart televisions, tablets, and smartphones.

7. Video Monetization Tools:

Monetization is important for users interested in making money on their video content. There are three main ways of Video on Demand monetization that include SVOD (subscriptions), AVOD (advertising), and TVOD (pay-per-view). Other methods involve third-party ad integration, server-side ad insertion, etc. Users can select any method that suits their business needs. 

8. Live Tracking Analytics:

Analytics is crucial for businesses looking to grow their streaming services. They help users understand their reach and monitor viewer behaviour. The live tracking of content also helps to improve quality and make critical decisions for marketing strategies.

How to choose the best enterprise video platform?

Choosing the best enterprise video management software for your business can be a challenging task, considering the variety of options available. The above-listed factors will help you determine a suitable enterprise video management solution for your business. While selecting, always check the features offered, quality of privacy protection, CDN availability, monetization, and customization options of the platform carefully to get the best value out of your video streaming service.


An enterprise video management solution can help you a great deal in hosting and streaming your videos seamlessly. It comes with a variety of features and allows you to customize your videos for brand representation, scheduling and start live streaming with audience interaction features like Q&A, live chat, social media sharing, etc.

Enterprise video streaming solutions from top global providers have all the advanced features to serve your various business requirements. The right enterprise video solution helps you to have a great deal to accelerate your business growth and maximize ROI.

Dwarakesh Babu
Dwarakesh Babu
Dwarakesh is Video Monetization & OTT Platform Expert at CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into video/audio streaming media tools and Love to blog, discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks. He's also passionate about photography loves to capture the pure essence of life.
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