Four ways online video sites can help a business grow and thrive

One particular area of the internet that can drive customers into a buying frenzy is participation in online video sites. Internet video streaming sites, like YouTube, can complement a business by serving as a marketing campaign, educational tool, informational aid, and even skew into entertainment.

Businesses use online video to complement existing articles relating to travel, which is a perfect example of how video can be a short-form guide that makes a difference for a business. The content presented for viewing can enhance and elevate a brand, which is the ultimate goal of any type of marketing effort.

Marketing campaign

The cost of a video production has been amplified in recent years thanks to the added cost of purchasing airtime. Quality timeslots can quickly dwarf the cost of the production, but for online video sharing, the cost of air time is virtually free.

Videos can be embedded into social media feeds, articles, and even emailed, which increases their effectiveness. Using video as the heart of marketing campaign is again a possibility, which opens the door for many creative processes that can really attract attention.

Educational tool

Online video can also be the perfect how-to companion to aid in the education world. When viewers have a quality video to refer back to at any given moment, the cost of training and number of mistakes becomes greatly reduced.

Better yet, the same instructions are given to everyone that watches, which delivers a level of consistency that human educators simply cannot offer. Plus, the additional savings by training via video include using any location with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. In short, video can be a powerful help to any organization with any type of learning curve.

Informational aid

Video can also be produced in the form of a news broadcast or other informational aid. The content can lead customers to certain locations and offer glimpses of topics that can be explored in greater detail at another time.

That being said, a series of videos that explores a topic in-depth can become an important resource for customers or employees from around the world. Companies that embrace the tool have an easier time showcasing specific areas to spark different areas of interest. In short, one video can lead to another. The resulting drive in traffic can have a sparkling impact on the bottom line.

Entertainment property

Perhaps the most interesting side effect of online video is the entertainment factor. Because video sites offer easy embedding into websites and blogs and sharing via social media, when a video is entertaining it can generate huge amounts of interest. In short, a fun segment can even become an additional revenue center for the company, and every business is looking for a way to increase cash flow without added expenses.

Case study video

Video case study is a new age marketing tool. You need to encourage your customers to provide a hones and positive review about your business in a video format. It does not have to look stunning with lots of amazing effects. Rather you need to make it look professional. The video should follow this following format:

  1. Problem that he was facing
  2. How your company / product helps him overcome the problem
  3. What he thinks about your company / a personal note

The length of the video should not be more than 5 minutes and try to make it to the point otherwise people would lose their interest.

Support videos

People hate to go through long and boring manuals. Therefore, it makes sense to develop a series of support and maintenance tutorials in video format so that your customers can solve the problems themselves. This will take off pressure from your support team and this will have a positive impact on the overall customer support experience.

In the end, online video can create an entertainment property, serve as an informational aid, become an educational tool, and play a key role in any marketing effort. Quality videos have a way of capturing the attention of the watcher, which helps any business drive brand awareness.

By inspiring customers and elevating the reputation of the company, an online video can offer several different solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The benefits of using video to complement existing efforts can be staggering.

Deb Dey
Deb Dey
Deb Dey is the CEO of a content writing agency – 3Leaps. He loves helping small business owners to bolster their online presence. He is currently associated with a top Digital Advertising Agency as a Digital Marketing Consultant.
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