How Magento Commerce accelerates innovation and AMP; growth?

Magento has been seen similar to a giant for the reason of its massive growth ever since it has evolved. Due to passionate developers and community members, there is always something new and exciting being updated in Magento. In the recent Magento Live conference in Australia, many innovative and growth-oriented improvements were incorporated.

These refinements aimed to simplify the upgrade process and enhance the performance for its B2B and B2C merchants. Customers, being the focus and their expectations dictating the market trends, are the bedrock of Magento’s constant efforts to deliver exceptional experiences.

Magento now equips its merchants with superior and stunning shopping experiences which not only offer faster upgrades, improves their scalability but also allows to add newer technologies to meet their customer’s needs.

Magento allows you to:

  • Upgrade Faster.
    Magneto has incorporated new modular features in its structure which enables brands to undertake faster upgrade and explore maximum opportunities to scale up. Employing the efficiency of extended functionalities like PWA (Progressive Web Apps), MSI (Multi-source Inventory) and Page Builder, you can quickly leverage these for scaling further. Right from the product, category, order and inventory management Magento equips you with the combat to stay ahead of your competition. Multi-source Inventory (MSI) is such a module which allows you to select multiple distance-based physical locations from Magento admin directly.  and even helps in improved bulk management performance.
    Improving operational efficiency for managing inventory at each location, automatically controlling the inventory sources to fulfill orders in real-time and setting inventory reservations for high performing checkouts leads to improved conversions.
  • Exceptional Shopping Experience.
    With a constant rapid change in customer expectations today, shopping experiences matter a lot. Hence creating and delivering best-in-class shopping experience involves the amalgamation of Commerce with Content.Marketers have a huge responsibility and an integral role to play in this context. Page Builder has been the winning ammunition entitled to your marketing teams to design, test, and launch new content without writing code for even a single line.

    With just a drag and drop, this editing tool allows you to easily create rich and contextual experiences, preview and test them and simply push them to publish at a click. It has an intuitive interface, a simple and fast process to continuously evolve and enhance your site’s content to deliver an astounding shopping experience to your customers.

  • Global Shipping.
    Shipping has been serving as a bottleneck to your conversion rate and sales. But not anymore with Magento. Magneto has expanded its global availability to 37 countries thereby turning the restriction into a compelling part of the shopping journey of your customers.WIth alliance from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other reputed regional carriers have widened the path for driving greater sales for your eCommerce business and explore international opportunities.

    Introducing another new Click & Collect release has provided your customers with more delivery options to get the increased conversion.

Optimizing performance

Performance has a direct relation with scalability and growth of your business. Improved performance enables brands and enterprises to scale up higher and faster. It also includes the ability of B2B and even B2C businesses to manage and support massive volumes of accounts. Magento enhancements not only reduce time spent on processing the orders within the admin interface but also it allows you to upload larger and better quality images without compression.

The latest release provides important security enhancements and updates on payment and shipping APIs. they not only enhance the performance but also ensure bulletproof operation.


Magento along with its massive community has always aimed to give its users  a platform that not only supports global expansion but also provides real time visibility for sound order management. Operational efficiencies, better inventory management, MSI capabilities and enhanced scalability opportunities of Magento has lead to overall revenue growth of its merchants.

This latest release of Magento 2.3 Commerce Enhancements has loads of powerful updates to take your business to next level. All these enhancements are globally available now. Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are available with Magento 2.3.

Mohit Malik
Mohit Malik
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