How Amer Safaee runs his company Bama Security Group

Amer Safaee is the founder and CEO of Bama Security Group Co. The company specialises in network security, software sales, hardware sales, and IT services in both the Middle East and Central Asia.

In his role as CEO and founder, Amer Safaee has needed to coordinate and execute on a variety of commercial affairs. These affairs include negotiating, contracting, ordering, custom releases and more.

He has also required to perform research and make evaluations on the viability of foreign supply chains based on the quality of their products, and the convenience of their services. He also takes into consideration the production and distribution capabilities of these suppliers before working with them.

Amer Safaee will also scrutinise the history and reputation of the suppliers he plans to work with. This is because he wants to make sure he is only working with the best companies. The work that he does involves a lot of negotiation which he is a master at, and he has earned a reputation for finding unique solutions to problems.

Amer Safaee also needs to monitor and coordinate the logistics of Bama Security Group. This includes working with forwarders and carries, as well as tracking shipments closely.

Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee also takes care of the business outreach from the ground up, leading and mentoring the marking team. This includes working on things like data gathering, competitor analysis, and sales strategy. He also specialises in setting up and executing marketing campaigns and delivers on the objectives set out.


Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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