How a pre-purchase house inspection can save you thousands

It’s easy to be overcome by emotion when you finally find the house you love. Unfortunately, these emotions can make it hard to see the property for what it is and many hidden problems can go unnoticed without a pre-purchase house inspection.

With the rise of DIY efforts thanks to television shows like The Block, some bathrooms and kitchens may look like they’ve come straight from a magazine but, they can hide some serious defects that could leave you out of pocket and far from enjoying your new home.

Something as small as a cracked tile in the bathroom could be hiding extensive water damage that could cost thousands to repair. An incorrectly installed dishwasher could be leaking underneath the floor. A compromised termite barrier may not be obvious to you and could lead to costly (and avoidable) termite damage.

The question every home buyer should ask themselves is whether paying a relatively small amount for a home inspection is worth it? Of course it is. An experienced building inspector can see what you can’t, they have specialised equipment and years of experience. A house inspection removes risk and potentially saves you thousands on repairs down the track.

What does a home inspection tell me?

Allotment inspection

It’s not just the physical house the is inspected during a home inspection in Brisbane, pathways, driveways, fences, free-standing structures and trees are also inspected for structural integrity. After years of being exposed to the elements and weather, these parts of the home can start to show signs of wear.

Garage inspection

Many homes have garages built on concrete slabs. Concrete slabs are prone to moisture issues causing cracking and deterioration. A building inspection will check for these issues and also check the integrity of the garage frame and door.

Exterior inspection

Although external to the house, it’s just as important to have the safety of verandahs, decks and pergolas checked. A minor piece of deterioration in one of these structures may seem insignificant to you but could be a sign of much more serious problems. External wall alignment, decaying decks and rusting down pipes are just a few things covered in a house inspection.

Interior inspection

Anything from loose handrails, wobbly fans, uneven floorboards and windows that don’t close are covered in an interior inspection. These are signs of underlying problems or disasters waiting to happen. Not only is a building inspection about saving you money, it’s about keeping you safe too.

Kitchen and bathroom inspection

Water areas have plenty of potential problems waiting to happen if they’re not identified. A bit of mould can be the tell-tale sign of much larger problems and a small crack in a tile can mask an even greater problem, too. From corrosion and decay to moisture penetration and lack of waterproofing, a kitchen and bathroom inspection will identify defects that potentially have a lot to hide.

Roof inspection

Only when safe, an experienced building inspector will assess the property’s roof cladding, gutters, TV antenna and chimney. Ceiling linings and roof structure are inspected as well as any signs of decay and water damage, the roof is checked for cracked tiles and holes in the ceiling. Insulation is also inspected and the inspector will be able to tell you if the insulation is made of safe materials.

Termite and pest inspection

No one has more expertise in termites and pests as an experienced house inspector. Brisbane properties are rarely free from the risk of the dreaded termite, no matter how perfect they may look. A building and pest inspector will check everything from termite barriers to ant caps, external hazards like gardens and rotting timber, water leaks, walls and more.

Underfloor inspection

Whether a property has a concrete slab or is a pole home, underfloor inspection is essential in assessing the structural integrity of a home. Stumps, supports, tie downs, concrete slabs, foundations, retaining walls are all thoroughly assessed.

So before you sign on the dotted line on your dream home, don’t be tight, spend the money on a pre-purchase house inspection so you can enjoy your new home without the worry of costly problems down the track. Learn how to decide which building inspector will conduct your home inspection here.

Andrew McKintosh
Andrew McKintosh
Andrew Mackintosh is the owner and inspector at Action Property Inspections in Brisbane. Andrew has carried out over 20,000 building inspections, is a licensed builder, a licensed building inspector and a Member of Queensland Master Builders Association & Institute of Building Consultants.
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