Home security tips for women living alone

Are you a single woman living on her own? Living on your own can be great. Your house or apartment becomes your exclusive space – a place that’s just yours. Everything in it, from the interior décor to the way the furniture is arranged, is all according to your tastes and preferences. And that’s great.

But living on your own also comes with some risks. For instance, you are at a higher risk of being a victim to a burglary or attempted break-in. This is because women living on their own as considered ‘easy targets’ by burglars.

So, how can you protect yourself and your home from such potential break-ins? The best way to do that is by auditing your home’s security and making the necessary changes to improve it.

Let’s look at some stats

To get a clearer picture of the situation, let’s look at the home burglary in Australia 2018 statistics:

  • 3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point in time.
  • 75% of burglars can gain entry into a property in less than 5 minutes.

In a study conducted in 2015, where participants were those accused of breaking and entering offences, when asked what the biggest deterrent was for them, 31% of them said that improved security will result in a reduction in property crime.

Top tips to improve home security when you’re a single woman living on your own

‘Keyless’ smart lock installation

Keyless smart locks are the ultimate security enforcer for your home. Smart lock installation is a not-so-expensive but very effective security measure to make your home burglar-proof.

They offer a level of security that you simply can’t imagine from traditional mechanical locks. Smart locks can either be operated through an app on your phone, with biometrics or with a passcode, making them foolproof.

You don’t have to worry about some miscreant trying to pick your lock once you have smart locks installed. They are convenient, offer better security and are sure to make your life so much easier. Imagine never again having to search for your misplaced keys, ah, what a joy that would be.

Make sure your house doesn’t look unoccupied or unkempt

Burglars look for signs that tell them no one’s home. So, if you’re going on vacation, take measures to ensure your house doesn’t look unoccupied. Have a friend or neighbour pick up your mail from the mailbox (overflowing mailboxes are a dead giveaway that no one’s home), pay someone to mow the front yard and water the plants.

You can even have automatic timers set for lights in the house. Doing this will mean that the lights will turn on after dark, further playing into the illusion of someone being home.

Hide any expensive items that could tempt a burglar

Burglars are always looking for houses that are ‘sure hits.’ They look for homes that have expensive items on display, be it an expensive car or a TV that they can see through the windows. The best way to avoid tempting them is to hide these items. Always keep your curtains drawn, you never know who’s watching.

Have a professional locksmith audit your home’s security

To improve your home’s security, you need to get rid of the weak access points. And the best way to do that is to have an experienced locksmith audit your security.

They will be able to look at your home objectively and identify all the weak access points, and then provide you with solutions to fix them. For instance, if you have a window that’s a security threat, then installing an alarm and a better lock for it can nullify the threat.

You don’t have to break the bank to improve your home’s security. There are many advanced digital solutions that are also budget-friendly, to make your home safe and secure. Follow these tips to make your home a place where you can relax, without worrying about potential break-ins that could compromise your home as well as your safety.


Preetha Gunasekaran
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