Top 5 reasons to install blinds into your home

Blinds aren’t designed just to look pretty (although they usually do!). There is a certain level of practicality that comes when you have quality blinds installed on your windows. Indoor blinds provide a wide array of benefits and as a result, they are extremely popular in houses, offices, etc.

Below are the top 5 reasons to install quality blinds into your home:

Blinds perform a number of worthwhile functions within a family home. Photo: Mploscar, Pixabay.

1. Decoration

The most obvious reason is decoration. Blinds add the finishing touches to your home and make it look complete. No matter the style or theme you have running in your house, there is certain to be a blind that will fit in well.

Blinds have become so popular that it can be blatantly obvious when there aren’t any attached to a window. People come to expect blinds and windows without any dressings look odd and out of place. Blinds ensure your home is looking at its best and give your house a more finished feel.

2. Temperate control

Blinds help to control the temperate in your home. So in summer, blinds can help to keep the heat out, and in winter, the heat in. Blinds act as another barrier between the inside and outside of your home.

By having the ability to better control the temperate, this will limit the occasions where putting the air conditioning on is necessary. This will therefore save you a lot of money in the long run. Your household energy consumption should certainly be a lot lower when you have blinds installed.

3. Surface protection

The sun can cause lasting damages to the surfaces in your home if they are left unprotected for an extended period of time. Wooden surfaces (like timer floors for example) are usually the worst damaged. The exposure to the sun can cause discolouration and damage to the floor.

The installation of blinds means you are limiting the amount of time the harsh light of the sun is impacting the surfaces in your home. The sun will still shine through the blind, giving your home natural light, but the impact on surfaces will be dramatically reduced.

4. Privacy

At the population density increases, it has resulted in houses being closer together, or living in apartment blocks. If you are in a neighbourhood where houses are close together, you will want some privacy. You don’t want your neighbour peering in and seeing what you are doing.

Privacy is a very important issue and without blinds, people could potentially see into your house. Blinds allow you and your family to have a higher level of privacy, meaning you can go about your business without an audience watching your every move.

5. Light Control

By having blinds installed you have the ability to better control the amount of light that is let into your house. This means you could keep the blinds down to get a longer sleep or have the blinds down to limit the glare on the TV screen.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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