Advanced digital solutions for reliable security

The security threat is one of the major issues that are continuously persisting for centuries. In previous times, the securities were less vulnerable but now technology has changed everything.

To tackle the latest security threats of your property and life, only latest techniques are helpful.  If you are feeling the need of CCTV or alarm installation, then you should look to experts in the industry that can not only provide you with the necessary equipment but also provide helpful advice.

Proper security companies will offer a range of products, including:

  • Alarm system
  • CCTV
  • Monitoring
  • TSCM & bug sweeping
  • Intercom and access control system

There are many difficult devices available on the market that are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Passive infra-red detectors

For both standard movement detection and pre/tri detection, this device works really great. Companies can offer this device in hardwire and wireless categories with multiple models.

Reed switches

To secure the doors and windows of your commercial or residential buildings, these switches are the perfect companion. Whether it is about the security of your kids, pets or theft threat, these alarm works well in all situations.

Smoke alarms

Fire is one of the biggest threats to security and the consequences may go worse if it is not controlled in time, especially in commercial buildings where there is a huge risk of property loss.

Glass break detectors

In the places like showrooms where a large quantity of glass is used to display products, glass break detectors are very essential. They are capable of detecting if there is any breakage that needs attention.

Panic button

The panic button is a device that is working successfully as a personal, business and home alarm systems. With just one press of button, the location of help seeker is delivered to the desired destination. These buttons are also helpful if there is an elderly person in your home who may need help at any given moment.


To ensure the security at highest level, intercoms are contributing a major role for a long time. At the initial stage, these devices were complicated and only audio functioning was available.

Now along with the advancement in technology, both audio and visual monitoring has become possible. It is a very useful equipment to use for household and commercial purpose.

Intercoms are actually the secure door access control systems that are installed in commercial and residential buildings. This device allows you to see who is ringing outside your door.

Currently, there are following types of intercom devices available in the market:

  • Audio/visual intercom system
  • Internet protocol-based intercom system
  • Telephone entry system
  • Audio intercoms
  • Wireless intercoms
  • Room to room intercom
  • Doorbell buzzer system (wireless)

Access control systems

To control the access and grant privilege for only specific people, an access control system is vital. Without requiring any human interference, it only enables the authorised person to gain access in a specific place.

Take a look at some examples of access control systems:

  • Managed access control
  • Web-based access control
  • Visitor management system
  • Smartcards and proximity cards
  • Barcode readers
  • Contactless smart card readers

These systems are one of the essential parts of commercial area security. Without getting authorised access, no one can enter a restricted place. Many security companies specialise in manufacturing and installation of the latest equipment to ensure the complete security.

Both of them are installed in different places on the basis of requirement. To gain access to a personalised space, the intercom is the best option. On the other hand where entries and exits occur much frequently like office gate and library, one must install an access control system by distributing some smartcards or barcodes.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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