7 Simple home improvements you can do alone to stage your home

There are many cases in which you want to stage your home, to make it look better. In most cases, you do this when you want to sell. But you might simply want to take some pictures to share on social media and make your friends jealous. Regardless of the reason, staging is what you have to do.

Unfortunately, making your home look like an editorial in a magazine is not that simple. If you want to increase curb appeal, it is even tougher. Making your home look great and attracting admiration or interested buyers takes some time. There are professionals you pay for this.

Fortunately, home staging does not have to be costly, or time-consuming. This is especially true if the house is in a very good shape. Some straightforward home improvements can get the job done, and we will now look at some of the simplest ones you can consider.

1. Add mirrors

If there is one trick that all interior designers keep using, it is this one. Adding a mirror will instantly add style. The reflective quality of the mirror simply opens up the room. It makes it brighter and everything inside seems less cramped. This is true even if the space is tiny, which is why you always see large mirrors in small rooms.

Artwork can help, but when you do not have it, simply pick up a larger mirror from the local store. This will make the entire space feel much more designed and curated.

2. Replace window treatments

When your home features heavy, old drapes, just throw them away or use them somewhere else, in an area that is not important for you in terms of aesthetics. A very common staging tip is to add drapes that are breezier and more modern.

Try to choose functional, simple coverings and open the windows. This allows the entire space to breathe while you also create the illusion of a larger, more open space.

As an extra tip, opt for floor-length curtains. Try to hang them closer to the ceiling, not right on top of a window frame. This makes the room look taller than it is.

3. Add some white towels

Here’s a trick to stage your home you most likely did not know. It is perfect for bathrooms. In this part of your home, using monochromatic hues is always preferred.

Add some all-white towels and get rid of the coloured ones. This is because coloured towels do not make the bathroom feel like a spa, which is what you want to achieve. Also, coloured towels add a sense of heaviness to the room while white towels always feel clean and fresh. You simply cannot go wrong with clean, white towels in a bathroom.

4. Buy new rugs

We tend to get attached to rugs and not throw them away when they look old. Do not make this mistake when you want to stage your home. A very simple addition is to buy some rugs that perfectly fit your furniture and rooms.

For instance, in a living room, do not use a small rug. You need one that covers at least the couch’s front legs, together with chairs, if they are present. Choosing the right-sized area rug makes the entire space look larger. Also, it offers a sense of unity that is great in some rooms, like living rooms and bedrooms.

5. Reorganize your bookcases

When it comes to bookcases, the truth is most look horrible. Usually, this is because the books in them are so randomly placed that the result is a horrible appearance. Since you will surely tidy up your room a little as you stage, don’t skip the shelves.

One of the best things you could do is to remove a quarter of the books. Rearrange everything that remains in a way that presents some books placed vertically and some books stacked horizontally. Then, add some trinkets inside the bookcase. Use these as bookends and accents. When you take this design approach, you quickly add personality and character to a room. At the same time, the entire bookcase is lightened up.

6. Do a deep cleaning

There is no buyer out there or person that wants to look at a picture that appreciates scuffed-up walls or dirty bathrooms. As a result, you need to take the time needed to clean every single room in the house.

Give it some time for the cleaning smells to disappear and make sure you do not exaggerate with scents. If someone visits the home and smells strong scents, the first thought is that something is hidden. A great way to get around that is to bake some chocolate chip cookies or similar treats that smell great. Just leave them on a counter and the smell will feel like home. Even if you do not want to sell the house, this is a tip that the entire family will love. Nobody loves the smell of bleach in the morning.

7. De-personalize rooms

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And what you like is not necessarily what someone else likes. As a result, it is a very good idea to de-personalize your home a little when you stage it. This is not that easy to do and you need to strike a balance between showing some personality and making the home not look like a hospital, which nobody loves.

The easy thing you can do is to remove personal photographs. Replace them with some stock photographs. Then, remove all the clutter. As a result, it becomes easier for the person watching to envision himself/herself living inside the room. Obviously, if you are just interested in taking great photographs and you do not care about selling, you can let your personality shine.

Final thoughts

The simple home improvements highlighted above are great for anyone that wants to stage the house alone, without the help of professionals. However, it is important to mention that when you want the best possible results, you should seriously consider contacting someone with a lot of experience.

There are so many people that can help you. If you feel that the services of professional stagers are too expensive, just contact a local buyers agent. He/she can easily give you some great advice you can take full advantage of.

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