Finding the perfect rug for your dream home

Rugs are often neglected when it comes to interior design, and they are viewed as pieces you just throw on the floor to finish up your décor. However, if you observe rugs as shoes to an outfit, you will see that these pieces actually complete the décor and sometimes even outshine it.

Rugs also anchor the room, make the space warmer and more textured, and serve to break up the monotony of the overall space. Taking all this into account, choosing the right rug for your home is not at all an easy decision. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that!

Here are a few tips on finding the perfect rug:

Rug characteristics you should know

Rugs come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and materials. Before you start searching for the ideal rug for your home, you need to be familiar with those important characteristics, and ways they are impacting the overall room design.


Rugs come in circle, rectangular and square shape. Round rugs are whimsical and they are often used in small spaces to make them appear larger, they are not used often in spacious rooms. Square rugs are used in square rooms and they are paired well with other square rugs and furniture. Rectangular rugs are great for large rooms and traditional décor.


Rugs should be proportional to the given space (large room = large rug), but also several small area rugs can be used to zone the space and create a more layered look.


The material selection depends on the room (e.g. for the kitchen, you need a durable rug which is easy to maintain and can withstand abuse). Natural fibres like sisal, jute or cotton are often great options. Wool is a great insulator, and sheepskin is ideal for a comfier look of bedrooms and living rooms.


This characteristic includes the colours and patterns of rugs. Simplistic monochrome rugs go well with complex décor, while elaborately patterned rugs (e.g. Persian rug) work well in minimalistic rooms where they bring in playfulness and focus.

Buy only from trustworthy retailers

Rug shopping can be stress-inducing, especially if you order a rug based on an image you’ve seen online and it turns out that it doesn’t look so good in real life or that it actually doesn’t go well with your room.

Some manufacturers and retailers couldn’t care less about the misunderstanding, but the best retailers of rugs will always try to build a trustworthy and honest relationship with their shoppers and they will allow you to return the product, whether it is to replace it or to get your money back.

Search for companies that have a streamlined online shopping process, free or affordable delivery and that are willing to give you advice on styling your home with their rugs.

Match the rug with your room

Finally, it is essential to match the rug with the room. This means considering all the characteristics of the rugs we’ve mentioned in the first paragraph, and adapting them to the room’s size, feel and function.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you with that:


Rugs in this room should evoke serenity and convey a spa-like environment. Avoid loud bold colours and patterns, and stick to wool, cotton and sheepskin. As for the size, go for wall-to-wall or one area rug on each side of the bed, covering the entire length of the bed.

Living room

In this space, you are allowed to be imaginative. Match the rug with the room style, but don’t allow the rug to be the dominant element in the room. Go for an area rug in the sitting area under the coffee table.


Rectangular long rugs are perfect for entryways. Try to be bold here and make this rug a statement that shows the entire home’s personality.

Dining room

Cut pile wool carpets are a great idea for the dining room, because they are easier to clean.


Instead of using a low-quality bath mat, opt for chic cotton bath mats, which are offered in beautiful designs.


Durable, easy to maintain, yet stylish runner rugs are ideal for a kitchen.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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