5 ways to make your old house look better

Welcome 2020

The new year has finally arrived, and it is through this article that we extend our heartiest greetings to all our readers as all of us welcome the year 2020 together. As we ring in the New Year, all of us want changes to take place in our lives that lead to a definite betterment in it. Talking about changes, one of the most desired changes that we want to bring in our lives is to enhance the place where we live.

The house is the most sacred place for all of us, and everyone wants to decorate its interior and design its decor such that it looks more beautiful than ever. In this article, let us all take a look at the ideas which you can adopt in this coming year, which will help you in changing the look of your house such that it resembles a brand new one.

Affordable but effective

When we talk about making changes in the house such that it looks like a new house, then we make a wish that somehow, we become capable of giving our house a high-end look. Although it is the heartiest desire for many of the house owners today, in our heart of hearts, we all know that a budget crunch would not allow us to fulfill this dream of ours.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important that we look for ideas and implement them such that they are financially suitable for us, but are also effective at the same time.

1. The colours

The colors on the walls of the house have a great deal of influencing to do on the vibe of your house. When you are wanting to give your house a makeover such that it does not cost you very dearly but can revamp your house to a great degree, then changing the colors on the walls of the house can be a great option. But as they say, in most situations you can’t eat the cake and have it too. Not denying the effects of changing wall colors on the look of the house but making decisions about the colors you want to put up is not as easy as it may sound.

choosing the colors
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What to choose and what not to?

When choosing the colors for the walls of your house, it will be recommended not to go in for extremely radiating colors because although it will certainly make it easy to identify that a makeover has been done for the house, but it will surely not add to the elegance of it. You can choose subtle colors like white, gray, or a combination of the walls of your house. Apart from this, you can choose the darker colors for the Interiors, such as for the doors to complement a rich look.

2. The windows

Windows have been an important aspect of the overall look of the house and makes up a crucial part in the designing of the decors of the house as well. When talking about windows, then the design of the window, which you are going to have in your house and its location, both are important from the perspective of a makeover.

windows designing of the decors
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Apart from the designs, you can alter the draperies that are covering the windows to change the vibe of the rooms.

3. Change the hardware

The hardware that you will be installing and placing in the house can have a great impact on the look that the house presents. You can either visit the local markets, including the flea markets, for good hardware items for the house.

Flea Market
Flea Market. Photo: BS

For this purpose, you should avoid going to those shops that are selling these hardware items in bulk and at low prices. Although it will be suitable for the pocket, it will not be a good quality product that you will end up buying.

4. Include new art

Most people opt for changing the decor of the house to make the house look like a brand new one. To give a similar look to your house, you can try changing the decor items such as the paintings that are hanging on the walls of the house. Even if the brand-new look is not your priority, you can go for a change in the art items that you have used in the decor of the house just for the welcoming of the new year.

canvas prints
Photo: Screenshot from CanvasPop

An idea for the same can be portraits of the family pictures that you can hang on the walls. These portraits can either be handmade by you or can be made using online tools. One online website that provides these tools is CanvasPop. The website organizes your pictures into a beautiful collage that you can hang on the walls of the house.

5. Change the lighting

Although the standard light fixtures that are mostly installed in houses are cheaper and most suitable for how setting, you can opt for designer lights so that the elegance of the house can be enhanced and brand-new look to the house can be obtained.

Change the lighting
Photo: Pixabay

You can either opt for the standard chandeliers or can even go for a variety of light sources such as the table lamps, floor lamps, etc. All of it will give your house a new look and can be bought at a very affordable price from the local markets. Many times, even second-hand items in this category are available at the shops.

The takeaways

So, these were some of the simplest tricks and secrets that have been given by interior designers, which can help you in giving your house a new look at a very affordable price. You can use these simple solutions to get an elegant and high-end look for your house.

Although these are minute changes that you can make and may also seem very common, it is these little details that make the difference in life. May this new year bring a lot of joy to your family, and your house gets that much-needed makeover as well.

Mike Smith
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